Fan theory on Loki TV series


Nov 13, 2023
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This is my own fan theory on Loki TV series. Please continue reading only after you have finish Loki season 1 and season 2 in its entirely, or had given up on watching

This is really going to be very bad spoilers if you haven't watched it yet

He Who Remains (HWR) is actually the mastermind and martyr of the show. He gets above his other variants is because of the ability to time slip, which essentially means he can go forward and back in time, to anywhere in space and pause time and can send anyone to anywhere etc which is a completely OP skill.

He go forward in time to see how the world ends and discover all timelines will inevitably crashed together and end the universe. He cannot stop the catastrophe himself because he is not a god. So he put forward a series of plan to ensure the world will not end so prematurely. He set up the TVA and loom to ensure there is always one branch of time available, and then he has to make Loki choose to sacrifice himself to preserve the timeline integrity. Why choose Loki instead of other gods? It is because he saw that a bunch of Lokis managed to survive at the end of time meaning Loki has some skillset that prevents the effect of time on him. He also knows he is a god of mischief and is not easy to make him sacrifice himself willingly for all eternity

So he prepared everything before hand to make sure Loki can come to him, since HWR has the ability to time slip and can trial and error. Then he passed down the skill of time slipping to Loki, even when he can just send the Lokis away with a slip of his fingers if he want. He chose to get killed by Sylvie so to leave Loki with no other choice and person to depend on and Loki will mot sacrifice if there is another way. He also makes sure there is only one possibility Loki can take as all the other timelines are destroyed and HWR will be dead and he does not want the universe to end prematurely.

Before he died he also makes sure to warn others of other possible variants of him that can affect the timeline so the TVA can stop them affecting his last plan. He planned a minute girl and making it flawed so OB reset the system and allow Loki to use his full powers at the end. He runs the whole system using a lot of humans instead of just relying on AI is simply because he want Loki to be attached to people as friends, giving him a motivation to sacrifice. Why not choose any Loki left at the end of time is simply because they have already been so tainted by time they will never willingly sacrifice themselves in holding the timelines. When HWR is playing "chess" with Miss Minutes, they are actually running simulations on how to persuade Loki to sacrifice himself

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