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Nov 5, 2004
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ok, this forum is dead so I am going to liven it up, even if the only thing posted on this thread is complaints that there have been a million threads like this.

So, whose your favorite character in the X Men movies?? And i dont mean the most accurate to the comic book version or who was the best casted/acted, but just who is your fave.

Mine is Nightcrawler from X2, and Toad from X1

None other.
its getting old now but i have to say nightcrawler.
I couldn't just say I had ONE fave per film.....

X-men: Wolverine (Storm only second to him)
X2: Jean Grey/Nightcrawler/Storm
luvnightcrawler said:
Nightcrawler is the best!!!!Of course hes the popular one!!

Bah! Cyclops ''pwned'' Nightcrawler in X2! :mad: :D
Toss up between Nightcrawler and Coloussus.
Super Saiyan said:
Bah! Cyclops ''pwned'' Nightcrawler in X2! :mad: :D
Oh yeah, cause Cyclops had so much screen time and great lines. I like him, he could be great, but the writers screwed him in X2.
luvnightcrawler said:
....he could be great, but the writers screwed him in X2.

Now there's something we could both agree on. :up: ;)
Damn, Kmack...just had to be the outcast and go with Logan, didn't ya? :p
For some reason, I liked Wolverine the best...despite not particularly liking him in the comics. :confused::o
X-men: cyclops
X2: Nightcrawler, Colossus, Jean

Both needed MORE KITTY PRYDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i'm a sucker for shadowcat..heh ;) )

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