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The OFFICIAL Best Moments of the X-Trilogy (Part 1)


inconspicuous since '03.
Dec 25, 2003
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Firts off, No I'm not stupid. I do realize there is already a thread like this. However, this is different. The other thread was casual this one is more formal and more thinking is involved. So here is how I will do this..

I will ask all of you to post some of your favorite scenes (again) of the x-trilogy. After there is an substanstial amount of posts, I will then see which scenes got the most posts then post a poll. After the poll is complete, I will post a final thread with the results to show our official favorite moments of the x-series. Things to consider while thinking:

- The moments don't have to be whole scenes (it is moments after all). For example a small part, such as Mystique revealing herself on the helicopter in x1 , Can be posted

- Quality not quantity. Really think about it. Base your decision on things such as emotional impact, comic book similarity, character usage, stunning effects, ect.

- Don't post them in order.

Alright well I hope this works out. I'll start it off:

-Mystique revealing herslelf in for the first time in x1

-phoenix vs. professor in x3

-storm summons tornadoes in x2

-cyclops and jean reunite (minus the ending) in x3

-nightcrawler white house sequence in x2

-wolverine vs. sabretooth
in x1

-professor x confronts magneto in x1

jean sacrficing herself in x2.
Nightcrawler in Whitehouse

Jean killing Prof X

Logan vs Deathstryke

Colossus metals up in X2

Anything Beast related.
- Magneto's entire orgin scene in X1

- Logan being told the X-Men's codenames in X1

- Deathstrike vs Wolverine in X2

- Jean's sacrafice (including Cyclops/Wolverine crying) in X2

- Colossus' first using his power in X2

- Nightcrawler and Storm talking on the X-jet in X2

- Phoenix vs. Xavier in X3

- The final battle in X3
-phoenix vs. prof x in x3
-mags prison break in x2
-jeans phoenix "flashes" in x2
-final battle x3
-young jean x3
-wolvie/deathstrike x2
-cyke telling logan to pass thru x3
umm lots more :D
X1. Storm Vs. Toad, Magneto Vs. cops, Mystique at helicopter.
X2. Storm's tornados, Nightcrawler at White House, Mansion Attack, Mystique infiltrates Stryker's base, Jean's sacrifice, Pyro vs police.
X3. Jean "kills" Xavier, Kitty Vs. Juggernaut, Mystique gets cured, Fight at Jean's neighborhood, Magneto moves the bridge, Magneto moves chess piece, Iceman ices up.
Since this is a "quality over quantity" type post, I'll keep it limited and just post the really personal ones.

- (X2) Magneto's entire prison escape sequence. When he lifted Laurio, I remember the first time thinking "what the hell?" and then when he said "Too much iron in your blood", I nearly shouted out in the theatre "OWNED!!!!!!!!" The scene ends highly with Magneto floating across on his metal plate, and at that moment, I knew that movie Magneto was one of the all time best villians ever. That moment is the "straw that broke the camel's back", so to speak, in making Magneto one of my all time favorite characters.

- (X-Men: The Last Stand) The entire Phoenix Rising sequence on Alcatraz, after the final battle is fought, and over. The entire sequence is done brilliantly, and screw the Golden Gate Bridge sequence, to me, THIS is the money shot... all the chaos and destruction, the fires buring berhind her giving her a "Phoenix Glow", the waters rising from San Francisco Bay. The single best shot in the entire sequence is Wolverine staring at all the destruction around him, as the camera goes around him, focusing on Jean in the background as he looks back towards her.

(It's someone's avatar, and because it was so awesome, I saved it to my computer:

The shot is followed up by the amazing sequence of Wolverine marching up the pile of debris to get to Jean, her waves of demolecularization exposing his adamantium skeleton.

- (X-Men: The Last Stand) Magneto's terrorist tape on the news after Pyro blew up the cure facility. It's just so in line with comic Magneto. Small detail that made all the difference in the world to me.

- (X-Men) Cyclops telling a comatose Xavier "If anything happens, I'll take care of them", and (X2) Cyclops watching Jean "perish" by the flood waters of Alkali Lake, and his reaction ever. Those 2 moments were the 2 biggest "X-Men" moments in the trilogy, where I sit and see them, and just ay to myself "YES! THIS is the X-Men! THIS scene right here, is EVERYTHING X-Men is about!" (The previously mentioned Magneto escape scene also falls into this as well, but it's been mentioned already)

- (X2) Wolverine's "berserker fury" in the mansion during Stryker's raid, and (X-Men: The Last Stand) Wolverine's "berserker fury" in the forest against the Morlocks (I refuse to call them "Omega Muties") when trying to go to rescue Jean. All 3 movies made me love the character of Wolverine, a character I wasn't largely fond of before the movies. These 2 reasons are prime examples of why I now like the character.

- (X-Men: The Last Stand) Mixed in with Wolverine's forest berserker rage is Magneto's "We are the cure!" speech. With both sequences mixed in together, this is an amazing scene all around. And it ends nicely with a very good interaction between Magneto and Wolverine.

- (X2) Magneto re-arranging the plates in Dark Cerebro. I'm not sure what plot purpose it served, but it sure looked ****ing awesome, and just added to how badass Magneto is.

- I'll make this my last addition to the list; All the little cameos, particularly in X2; The name "Remy LeBeau" listed on Stryker's computer screen, Dr. Hank McCoy speaking on a TV in the background, Colossus' appearance in X2 during the mansion raid. They were nice little additions that really added to the X-Men experience. To a lesser extent, Kitty Pryde in both films, Jubilee in both films (particularly X-Men where she's actually in her trademark yellow jacket), and Pryo and Iceman in X-Men. Much better than seeing a bunch of made-for-movie characters like Jones or Artie, or characters so obscure they are unheard of, like the lizard-man climbing the walls of the church, Phat, and the Psylocke-by-hair color-only.

There are so many more I want to add, and so many that I'll regret not adding. But, I supposed I must leave it at that.
I agree Nell, the final Phoenix destruction scenes were fantastic. That shot from the avatar you posted is one of my favorite scenes in the film, with the music and everything. Just felt so damn epic. :p
1. X2 - Jean's apparent sacrifice. Everything from Jean communicating through Xavier to Scott trying desperately to save the woman he loves, that scene is the undoubtedly best moment in the trilogy.

2. X3 - Angel's flying scenes. While not much added to his character, seeing him fly over Alcatraz gave me joy.

3. X1 - Scott's promise to Xavier.

4. X3 - Jean's neighborhood fight.
Nightcrawler in Whitehouse

Jean killing Prof X

Logan vs Deathstryke

Final Phoenix Scene
Here's a vid I made that reflex on my thoughts. Expect a phoenix one soon

Personally I loved what the writers did (they couldve done alot better for the third), Brett Ratner I think couldve done much better with the tone and if he left all the other scenes in for character development.

My fav scenes

X-Men: When the X-Men busted Magneto's machine
X2: X-Men United: The Pheonix scene when Jean stops water and she is glowing and has fire in her eyes
X-Men: The Last Stand: Xavier dying, I almost started crying man! Wolverine crawling on the ceiling to get to him catching the last glimpse of Xavier being killed by his first pupil :( I also liked the scene where Wolverine killed pheonix

My favorite from the whole trilogy...

Bonus: Wolverine Vs. Army in mansion (X2) and wolverine Vs. Morlocks in forest (X3)
-Magneto's origin scene
-Mystique and Senator Kelly in helicopter
-Wolverine stabs Rogue
-Storm sending Sabretooth flying in train station
-Storm vs. Toad
-Cyclops blasting Sabretooth out of Statue of Liberty
-Wolverine vs. Mystique
-Magneto holding police at gunpoint outside train station

-Nightcrawler in White House
-Xavier and Logan in Cerebro
-Mystique's infiltration of Stryker's base
-Storm and Jean collect Nightcrawler
-Pyro goin crazy at Bobby's house
-Storm's tornados
-Magneto breaking out of plastic prison
-Cyclops vs. Jean
-Wolverine vs. Deathsrtike
-Jean's sacrafice

-Danger Room
-Young Angel flashback
-Phoenix vs. Xavier/Jean's neighbourhood fight
-Angel flying
-Mystique interrogation
-Magneto freeing Mystique, MM and Juggernaut
-Mystique being cured
-Storm and Wolverine at Alkali Lake
-Golden Gate Bridge sequence
-Final Battle
Rogue's powers being activated when she kissed that boy
Storm and Scotts introduction when they saved Rogue and Logan
The entire scene with Storm in Scott looking for Rogue
Jean trying to use Cerebro to locate Magneto
Storm's fight with Toad at Liberty Island
Scott leaning over the unconcious Xavier teeling him how much he cares for him
Jean and Logan's tender moment in his new room
The enitre Liberty Island scene

Magneto in his prison cell (the last time he was in)
Storms conversation with Nightcrawler[/B]
Scott and Jean's conversation at the beggining of the movie
Mystique's fightning scene at Alkili Lake (when she poses as Wolverine)
When Storm saves Xavier using her Ice Storm
Pyro's assault on the police at the Drake's house
Wolverine's fight with Lady Deathstrike and him finding out about his past at the mansion (when Stryker arrives)
Jean and Scott's battle at Alkili Lake (when Scott was possessed)
Jeans saves the X-men

Jean's childhood origin
Angel's childhood origin
The entire DR session
Scott and Logan's heated conversation
Scott going to find Jean then getting turned into salsa
Mystique's scene with those federal people (when they were asking where Magneto was)
Magneto rescuing Mystique then leaving her when she was shot with the cure
Xavier explaining Jean's condition to Logan and not Storm
Jean and Xavier's duel then Xavier gets turned into tortito's for Scott's salsa
Logan vs. Juggernaut
Storm Vs. Callisto 1
Beast and the President's conversation (when Beast joins the X-men)
Storm hosting the memorial for Xavier
Logan's fighting at the woods and him finding Jean the has a confrontation with Magneto
Storm and Logan's discussion about Jean
Magneto's bridge scene
X-men fight at Alcatraz
Phoenix destroys Alcatraz
1.Rogue first sees Wolverine in the cage fight.
2.Wolverine vs Mystique
3.Wolverine saving Rogue by giving her his healing factor

1.Nightcrawler's opening scene
2.Pyro blowng up the police cars at Iceman's house.
3.Storm vs the planes
4.Mansion invasion
5.Wolverine vs Lady Deathstrike
6.Jean being killed with the fire bird around her.
7.Magneto breaking out of prison.

1.Phoenix vs Professor X
2.Storm vs Callisto(Both of them)
3.Wolverine vs Juggs
4.Final battle
5.Magneto moving the bridge
6.Magneto being cured
7.Phoenix using her powers to destroy Alcatraz
8.Young Jean flashback
9.Memorial for Professor X
10.Mystique being cured
11.Danger Room
Wow. X1 wasn't your best was it?lol
Well it WAS the most boring if u compare them. Anyway, I'm off 4 today. Bye everyone!
It has to be noted that many people here have focused on action scenes - either solo power displays or battles.

This is evidence that people want to see 'action' in a movie about superpowered people...

It's something Bryan should have borne in mind when doing SR. Given that he provided some great action moments (and one-on-one battles) in the X-movies, I don't know why he abandoned that sense of 'dynamism' when he did SR.
My fave scenes are:
From X1:
The 1st time we see wolverine
The 1st time we see cyke and storm
Mystique's reveling in the jet.
Wolvie and Mystique fight
Storm in her elemental furry

From X2
The Incredible Nightcrawler's 1st apperance
Xavier and wolverine in cerebro
Storm's Tornados
Jeans Fiery/psionic arura
Mystique kicking everyones butt at the base.
Wolverine and deathstrike fight(why dose wolvie always get his butt kicked?)
Jeans end
The white house scene( I really dont know why I like this I just do)

From X3
Young Jean
Young Angel
Dangerroom scene(coulda been betta though)
Riseing of the Pheonix/Killing of scott(sorry he really didn't have a place in the movie verse anyway)
Clearing the Fog(Water and rocks moving around very unique)
Xavier explaning the pheonix(While I wanted the whole alien thing I was pleased with the alternate personality)
The Whole Jean Waking up
Jeans Destruction of her Parents house
Storm getting off her butt and Flying LIke the goddess she is/Callisto fight
Mystique getting "Cured"(did not see it coming)
The final Fight(perfect ending...some part of me wishes cyke woulda been there)
Magneto finding his power again(Mystique shoulda been behind him when the camera was rotating)
Professor alive
Gosh Thats it...maybe I shoulda just said the whole X3 movie and half of X2
-magneto And Xavier First Meeting
-wolverine Cage Match
-magneto Moving The Chair And Saying "charles"
-professor X Showing Wolverine Around The School
-magneto Walking And Bring The Metal Bridge Together As He Walked To Senator Kelly Prison
-magneto Closing The Prison Bars On Sabretooth
-magneto Defeating The Police Using The Cars
-magneto Ripping The Train Apart
-the Whole Subway Scene
-wolverine On The Bike
-wolverine And Cyclops Scenes
-magneto Stoping The Whole X-squad Using The Metal In The Statue Of Liberty
-magneto And Xavier Last Meeting
-nightcrawler Opening Sequence.......brilliant
-wolverine Going Badass On The Soldiers
-magneto Escaping The Prison...the Music And Him Walking Just Done Perfect
-every Try Not Being A Mutant
-jealous Brother Of Iceman Scene
-pyro Going Krazy On The Police Cars
-clossus Entrace!!!!
-the X-jet Vs The Jets...storm Tornados...jean Pheonix Eyes
-magneto Saving The X-jet
-magneto And Lady Death Strike Fight
-cyclops And Jean/pheonix Fight Scene
-magneto Pulling The Trigger On The Soldier Grenades
-magneto Turning On Xavier And Leaving Him Their
-magneto "it Will Never Happen Again Scene"
-jean Saving The X-men
-and The Firebird In The Water
Cyclops Riding The Bike
Where's Scott
Jean Vs Xavier
Juggs Runing Threw The Walls
Magneto Stoping Wolverine In Forest
Magneto Moving The Bridge
Magneto Throwing Flaming Cars
I guess i also like the scene when wolverine went HOLY ____ when he saw dathstrike's claws
CB Fan said:
My fave scenes are:
Storm in her elemental furry
Storm getting off her butt and Flying LIke the goddess she is/Callisto fight
I like the way you think :woot:
Mine are:

- When Mystique owns Senator Kelly in the helicopter
- Mystique vs. Wolverine
- The Train station scene

- Nightcrawler in the White House
- The Mansion Invasion
- The Fighter Pilots vs. Storm & the X-Jet
- Wolverine vs. Deathstryke
- Jean dying
- The final scene of the Phoenix flying in the water

- Jean's Flashback
- Angels' Flashback
- The Danger Room
- Jean Rising from Alkali Lake
- Magneto meeting Callisto
- Jean and Wolverine in the Infirmary
- Magneto busting out Mystique, Juggs, & Madrox from the jail
- Jean vs. Prof X at her house (Probably the best, most well shot scene of the entire franchise!)
- The Golden Gate Bridge Scene
- Juggs chasing Kitty through the compound
- The Final Battle
- The easter egg of Prof X still being alive

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