Favorite DBZ character?

I like the DB series. It's more fun than DBZ. There were better fights in the tournaments cuz they were all different.
mystic gohan said:
i havent saw any dragonball so i cant comment on it

I voted Goku. Vegeta is far more interesting to just watch 'doing his thing', but Goku is always the one I root for.
While I don't really like DBZ like I used to, my favorite moment will always, ALWAYS be when Trunks came down and in five minutes does to Frieza what Goku couldn't do in about 80 episodes.
Yes indeed!
It’s the most original and intelligent character they could come up for the whole DB series,
Even though I haven't watch Dragon ball GT cause I’m getting too old for this.

No wonder why Jet lee played something similar in his movie “the one”!
1: Vegeta
2: Frieza

And hold a second, is Cell really all that original? A villain with the powers of all the heroes, I'm sure he wasn't the first of his kind.

The babes! Where are the babes on that poll ? :down

It's a tie between Perfect Cell,Picollo Daimaou,Jackie Chun,and 18.
the enemies wernt origional lol, frieza maybe, but cell could regenerate after attacks, like buu, and buu took different transformations to become more powerful, as did cell
Overall I'd say Vegeta
Out of the three shows
Dragonball: Goku
DBZ: Vegeta
DBGT: Vegeta/ SSJ4 Goku
I was first to vote Gotenks. He is funny and comes up with crazy moves.
The prince of all sayians. He never got the respect he deserved.
Vegeta easy, always gets the screws put to him and still comes off the coolest. Next in line would be Broli, the most featured villan (movies).
I think piccolo is my favorite
Piccolo for DBZ, Kid Goku for DB, and Geek Gohan for DBGT :)
Chazou i can't believe i couldn't find a picture of him:mad:
Lucy in the sky said:
Chazou i can't believe i couldn't find a picture of him:mad:

Well, maybe you would've had more luck if you would've searched under Chaozu, and not Chazou.

Also Super 17, Cooler(way better than Frieza), Korin, Jace, and most of all....

While Goku is and always has been my favorite I have to give Piccollo and Vegeta second and third.

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