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Favorite Marvel Studios End Credit Sequence?

IM1 for me. Just felt perfect Black Sabbath playing to the various armor design specs.
Iron Man for the longest until Thor came out. I love that ending sequence.
almost a tie between Thor and Cap. in the end I voted for Cap.
I went with IM3.Cap and Avengers were the runners up,but I just liked IM3 best.
That one where they had My Chemical Romance cover "Desolation Row":o
Thor baby! It was beautiful! I wonder how it looked like in 3D.
Seeing Yggdrasil was really cool, hope we get something similar with Guardians of the Galaxy.
I'm kind of torn. I like em all, the music and graphics in all of them are fantastic. Cap's is a great throwback, Thor's has a magic of discovery, and IM3's is mega-fun; I've actually watched it on its own more than the others (thanks for the vimeo file, Prologue!). But I think The Avengers and Iron Man compete for the top spot because they feel like such a perfect cap to their respective movies. I'm inclined toward Avengers because it really felt like I had just watched a huge event film, but IM's retro style right after that "I am Iron Man" bomb was so great and original (even with the obvious Sabbath song playing with it).

It's like choosing one of your own childr--
aw **** it, Avengers.

Best as a capper to its film: The Avengers
Best on its own: Iron Man 3 (the graphics and style are simplistic, but they fit really well with Tyler's awesome track)
Cap for me. Love the old school war advertisements.
Was a tough choice between Thor and Avengers, but had to go for Thor, as it also has my favourite MCU score so far playing over it.
Hated IM3 but the end sequence was pretty sweet.
Was a tough choice between Thor and Avengers, but had to go for Thor, as it also has my favourite MCU score so far playing over it.

couldn't agree more...
the image of Ygggrasil plus Patrick Doyle's epic score...it was just simply beautiful....

for me, the score in first Thor movie was the best score in all Marvel movies (even all comic book movie), hopefully Thor: The Dark World also has an epic score...
Could we add more entries to the poll now? Because I thought The Winter Soldier had the best ending credits to an MCU film that I've seen so far. It's even supplanted my previous favorite, the end credits to Thor.
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