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What is your favorite "final battle" in the MCU?

Not a final battle, but I thought I'd just mention that the Helicarrier siege from Avengers trumps all the answers in the poll. That's probably the best action sequence in the whole MCU.
Wow!! Good point especially the Hulk and Thor that alone beats everything.
The NY battle in Avengers was fantastic. That's how you shoot an epic city-wide battle Michael Bay. For one on one fights, Hulk vs. Abomination was the best. It was exactly what I would want in a Hulk fight and it went on for quite a while.
I am actually going with Ironman v. Iron Monger.

There was some actual tension in how it was going to resolve. Of course we knew that Ironman would win, but there was some complexity to the sequence.

Avengers was an absolute joy-ride, so I won't debate its awesomeness... but I do pick Ironman as my favorite final fight in the MCU.
For me, Hulk vs. Abomination. Two huge freaks punching each other and destroying everything on their path. I loved it. CGI wasn't perfect but I didn't care much about that at that point. Nice reminder for me to get that film on blu-ray. Just for the final fight, it's worth it.

About the Avengers...I like the movie and the final battle. The enemies are just so bland that I couldn't get excited as much as I wanted. It all just rolls along conveniently and cool stuff happens, but that's it. Some characters during the fight (Natasha) were a little...I don't know, don't wanna say bad but something was missing. Still a very good long battle and I'm glad Hulk was great in that one too, but it could've been so much better. Still probaly 2nd for me.

IM1 would be 3rd for me. Easily the best 1-on-1 fight of all Iron Man movies. Counting Avengers' forest fight with Thor. Iron Man really needs another good 1-on-1 fight in the upcoming films. When they are good, they are really good.
One fight that I thought was immensely entertaining was the fight between Thor and friends against the Ice Giants in Thor 1. It was very fast paced and seemed to jump right out of the comics in its grandeur.
Man this is rough. Although the avengers battle is definitely my favorite, I'm gonna pick captain America. I don't think it's fair to compare the avengers fight to one on one fights

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