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Mar 8, 2004
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There are a handful of directors that have worked with or done work with Spielberg in the past, and some of their direction and projects seem to have that vein of comedy/fantasy/action going on for the most part. I shouldn't use the term Spielbergian, but you know what I mean.
Beside Spielberg himself, Robert Zemeckis
Spielberg himself followed by Zemeckis.

Why Tim Burton is on this list has gone over my head...
Burton has his own style, but he tends to take on or do things that Spielberg might have, only less dark. Also, most of them have had long term deals with WB at one point or another.
Burton is an auter (sp?) meaning, he has is own distinct style that he has developed himself. He is definitely NOT a "spielbergian" director. The same goes for Zemeckis. Why is Ivan Reitman on here? I am pretty sure he was making movies when Spielberg was still in high school.

The only two directors who I can agree with are Johnson and Columbus (and they both are pretty mediocre directors.) Joe Dante...no. I'm sorry, but this list neeeded more thought.
Well Speilberg, obviously.

But on that list I'd say only Zemeckis and Colombus have followed suit. Burton and Reitman are really not similar to Speilberg.

I'd say Ron Howard is another "Speilbergian" director, though.
I would say Singer has certain Spielbergian qualities, mainly his use of subtlety and at the same time taking subtle items and making them into something important.

Yeah, Burton doesn't belong on the list. I'd say Jeunet is more fitting than Burton.

BUT I don't think any director living or dead comes close to Spielberg when it comes to being Spielbergian. That may sound silly, but he is better than Hitchcock, Lean, Scorsese, Hawks, etc. when it comes to certain things. I am not saying he's the best director of all time (although he would be in my top 5) but he is the best at his thing, which he didn't create, but perfect.
Singer is a poor mans Spielberg.
I like the idea of which director do you think works best under Speilberg when he's producing in which case you need to include Michael Bay but as to which is Spielbergian that's a question that's not ready to be asked. Why do I say this? Spielberg is obviously influenced by Hitchcock but by the time Speilberg first hit movie came out (Jaws) Hitchcock had released his final film. All of these directors outside of perhaps Singer grew up on other directors besides Speilberg and have developed there own style. To call any director Spielbergian is insulting to these directors since they've develop their own styles. I would seriously consider switching the focus of the thread to people Speilberg has lent his hand to in terms of producing.
I like Speilberg but sometimes he is just sooo over the top and that gets really boring to me. :dry: Zemeckis has done some brilliant directing, (Back to the Future is on my best directed films, ever, list) but some of his stuff I didn't like at all. Chris Columbus is good if a bit pedestrian at times. Ivan Reitman, he just sucks. Burton is good for his style, but if you're not a fan of his dark take on things, which I am not, than he's pretty limited. The others I don't know by name alone.
I dont see how any of those, besides Zemekis, are "Spielbergian."
Ivan Reitman's work use to be so great in the 70s and 80s. I don't know what happened to him. :(
If you're going to make a thread about directors that are like the pioneer that is Steven Spielberg...shouldn't you assume that most people are going to pick the director that helms this thread...and inspires other directors...as it seems.

I don't know if I can classify a director as "Spielbergian," but I can list films that are/feel "Spielbergian."
who does spielberg better than spielberg?...lol
I've always thought that Zemeckis is very close in his style, however, a bit more 'pop'. In many ways, Zemechkis has always been in Speilberg's looming shadow, in kin with Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin.
Were you formally StewieGriffin by any chance?

And considering Singer's career is rather young for you to say such a thing, his body of work is still impressive.

Singer is too ambitious for his talent. He can't handle the big budget fare that he has tried his hand it. His sensiblities lean more towards smaller, more personal films. I just don't think he has much vision. Its like he wants to be Spielberg, but hes never watched his movies and studied his work. Not to mention his production company is named Bad Hat Harry, which is a line from Jaws, so these kinds of critiques are justified. With Zemeckis you can atleast look back at a career with the Back to the Future trilogy and the masterpiece that is Forrest Gump. In addition, his evolution into the progressive filmmaking heavyweight that he has become. Singer's young, but he will never hang with people like Lucas, Spielberg , Zemeckis, Cameron and the latest addition, Jackson. That's just the way it is.

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