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Nov 9, 2005
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Since we have a thread dedicated to an idea of a climatic battle, I figured we could compile our ideas into a single thread.

So here's your chance to get creative. Think of any battle location for SM4's climax. It would help readers better visualize if you list the villains who you desire to see there as well. Also, post as many pictures as you can!

Riker's Island. Don't care which movie it's in, but I'd like to see it. Inmates gone wild. Maybe a Times Square night battle too, with Electro. He could take advantage of all the electric billboards.

Also, a new take on a Statue of Liberty battle wouldn't be so bad, since the battle from X-Men didn't do it enough justice.
-Central Park/Sewers: Where Spidey,Lizard,and Kraven have a three way battle with each other all over Central Park that ends when Kraven is killed by the Lizard,and the Lizard takes the battle into the sewers as he goes into a nearby manhole.

SM5:Villains:Chameleon,Hobgoblin,Doc Ock,Shocker
-Airplane/Empire State Building/New York Tunnel/Chameleon's House:The Chameleon in the Hobgoblin costume attacks an airplane that Peter and MJ are on.Peter makes his way to the back of the plane where he gets into his spidey costume and makes his way to the outside of the plane.

The two have a huge battle as the passengers watch,until spidey leaps onto Chameleon's/Hobgoblin's back and the two go spiraling down the sky headed down to the city.
When they are close enough to the buildings,spidey jumps onto onee of them which happens to be the Empire State Building.Spidey is on top of it as the Chameleon/Hobgoblin flies back and fourth attacking spidey who is on it.(Kinda like a King Kong Tribute).
During the battle Chamelon's/Hobgoblin's glider is badly damaged and Chameleon/Hobgoblin retreats,and flies down to an old wherehouse.When spidey gets there after following him he doesn't see him anywhere.Until spidey looks into a window and a tentacle comes crashing out of it and hits spidey in the face.
Spidey lands in the back of a pickup truck that was driving by,and Chamelon/Doc Ock is seen jumping from car to car to make his way to spidey.The two fight ontop of moving cars that takes them into a tunnel.
During the fight Chamelon/Doc Ock gets hurt real bad,and when spidey goes over to remove the Doc Ock mask,spidey sees that it is just some guy,and sees the Chameleon is pulling someone out of their car,getting in it,and driving away in it.
Spidey follows,but the Chamelon is putting up a good fight since he has took the Goblin serum when he used the Hobgoblin equipment.
Finally the car crashes into a lobby of a building and spidey goes flying off the car and crashes into some furniture.
When spidey looks around he sees the elevator doors closing with Chamelon inside of it.Spidey runs over to it,and sees that the Chamelon is headed to the penthouse.Spidey takes the stairs.
When spidey gets to the penthouse his spidey sense goes off,and spidey jumps on top of the ceiling above the door as a blast goes through the door disintegrating it.
As spidey makes his way into the room,spidey sees Chamelon/Shocker in the room dressed in another disguise as he is firing the energy blasts weapons that he is wearing on his hands.
During the fight,spidey grabs Chamelon's/Shocker's energy blasters and squeezes them,then when Chamelon/Shocker fires it again at spidey,the blast back fires on Chamelon/Shocker and he blasts himself into a coma(or out of the window where he falls to his death).

electro taking MJ hostage at the Empire State Building at a VERY stormy night?
electro: "Spider-Man, I hope you know I can control the lightning that hits the top of that *points to MJ at the top* building."
Spider-Man: "oh no3z!"
Spiderman vs. Lizard vs. Kraven in the sewers. :up:

I also really like the idea of them fighting in a zoo.
Any fight with the Lizard should end in either a sewer, a zoo, or a tropical location. And any final battle with Lizard will be with Kraven.

If Electro is a villain, it should either be in a power plant that is unstable (have Electro get the axe or become super powered if the electricity surges the entire place and explodes) or Time Square.
an Amusement Park/Carnival, Central Park, The Statue Of Liberty or a Power Plant would be nice
Lizard/Kraven: Begins in Central Park, leads into (and ends in) the sewers.

Electro: Times Square

Scorpion: Daily Bugle (or just outside of it)
Lizard/Kraven: Begins in Central Park, leads into (and ends in) the sewers.

Electro: Times Square

Scorpion: Daily Bugle (or just outside of it)

Times Square, in the rain, is perfect for Electro.

My problem with Lizard in the sewer and Scorpion at the Daily Bugle is that those are locations that they would logically be at during a good portion of the film anyway. Especially Scorpion. I mean, that would be the logical first place for Scorpion to go, and who could stop him from getting there?

Keep in mind, we're thinking of the Final Battle. Not just a location where they should fight. I'd like to see a final battle (I don't know with who, however) at Grand Central Station.
ThatDamnNinja said:
I'd like to see a final battle (I don't know with who, however) at Grand Central Station.

Shocker! :woot:
Let's see...

A huge boiler room, with hot steam.

Niagra Falls, maybe Shocker or Electro for that.

In Spider-man 5, I would like to see some snow and ice, making it extremely difficult for Spidey to stick and shoot his web, a handicap if you will. It would change the scenery of always being in the months with no snow. Throw something out there different for once.

The Zoo, The Statue of Liberty, a Power Plant, and Grand Central Station, those are all good ideas.
No one likes the pier idea?
It just has a lot of elements that compliment a variety of villains.

-Water: Lizard or Hyrdoman
-Containers (maze like): Kraven
-Machinery: Electro
Spiderman v.s. Hydroman in a Men's Bathroom.
Sinks! Urinals! Toilets! Excitement!
A battle that goes from the Empire State building or Chrysler building to the rooftops of NYC and finally ending in Central Park with:
-MJ not held hostage
-Lizard and Electro
-Or Lizard and Kraven
An underwater battle with Lizard trying to drown Spidey.

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