Comics Finally gave in and bought Spider-girl.....

This title is so under appreciated.

I swear, people hardly pay attention to this title, yet there is so much talk about ASM with all the crap going on. Meh whatever.....
I also just started reading Spider-Girl. The series is great! My first issue of ASG was #19. I've since picked up #15-16 and #20.
Man you really got to pick up the first two TPB's for ASG. Great Great reads.
I need to start collecting the digests again, starting with vol 4.

Spider-Girl rocks. :word:
Yeah, the first few arcs were great!

I find it funny that Amazing Spider-Man had to hav ea dozen or so events and hire a half a dozen writers and artists to get back to the no-nonsense storytelling that Spider-Girl has had since issue #1.

A rich supporting cast...and Mayday didn't have to make a deal with the devil to get it, either.
'Cause May is the old-school style, which is how Spidey works best. Events need to disappear again fer another decade, an' more people need ta support a book that gives 'em everythin' they CLAIM to want from a Spidey book; not drivel cooked up because "They don't need to explain magic."

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