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First Indiana Jones Screens!


May 1, 2003
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*Early screens*











Its not so much a demo for the game, rather for the DMM and EUPHORIA systems they have in place.

The game will follow the new film (Lucas sent the developers the script so they can work from that).

Thanks to DMM the game will have fully destructable environments and a great physics system and with EUPHORIA there will be no preset (reaction) animations... Throw a badguy through a window a hundred times and each time it will look different.
IGN.com article...


The game is very early, wth only a small ammount of word done at this stage. The really ool stuff is the technology this game is being built on.

IGN.COM say 'after a 40-minute demonstration, it's abundantly clear it has the potential to change the way you play games.'

GothicPowerMix1 said:
They say that for almost every Game dude

Only not every game uses EUPHORIA and DMM :o
will the model look like that?
dayum...throw some anti-aliasing on that **tch will ya! those jagged lines are horrible!!!

everything else looks pretty okay though...
Is that Mos Def in that second shot fighting Indy? :o
wow.....I hope this game is awesome....its sure looks great!
A quick report from www.ign.com who saw a closed doors demo of a next gen STAR WARS game that also uses EUPHORIA and DMM...

a single stormtrooper investigates a shambled mess while wondering aloud what could have caused it. Then out of nowhere, a Jedi appears and raises the trooper off the ground with his force powers and slams him into the ground. As the Stormtrooper screams, the Jedi repeats his actions and then by the third lift crashes the armored clone horizontally into the bulkhead of a wrecked ship. In pain, the trooper tries his hardest to make the Jedi stop by grabbing onto a piece of metal protruding from the spacecraft... only to be pulled off of it (ship metal still in hand) for one final death blow. As this is happening, an Imperial TIE Fighter soars out of the sky firing at the Jedi -- and it's then that the stormtrooper is used as a human projectile and is thrown at the fighter causing a huge explosion. It was a great way to end the movie.


Here is the full article...

That games looks awesome, and its not even close to finished, gah, i love E3!
Yeah, still over a year of development before the game is finished.

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