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For everyone with a PSP or an iPod Video:


Apr 23, 2005
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Here's some presents for you:

TV Spot 1:

TV Spot 2:

TV Spot 3:

TV Spot 4:

TV Spot 10:

"Wolverine vs. Sentinel" (Jay Leno Clip)
http://silentkilla.lphz-x.com/x3/Wolverine VS. Sentinel.mp4

"Jean & Logan" (Jimmy Kimmel Clip)

I don't think these have been posted. I've been wanting .mp4 versions of these for a long time, but I never saw them posted. So a friend of mine hooked me up with an .mp4 converter and I was able to do it myself.

Credit to Steve a.k.a. Silent Killa for hosting the files.

(P.S.: I made a new thread for this, so that these files could be seen by people looking for them, or who are interested in them. Again, I've never seen any .mp4 format videos posted for these, and this way, people don't have to shuffle through tons of posts to find these.)
I love you....
Nell do you have an .mp4 version of the Teaser and Trailer by any chance? I've been looking for on everywhere!
Sunstar said:
Nell do you have an .mp4 version of the Teaser and Trailer by any chance? I've been looking for on everywhere!

I do, but my friend who hosted the files just signed off.

But it looks like someone else posted a link to it.
Sorry I dont have an iPod although i wish i had one. sigh!:(
I still dont have an mpeg, wmv or an avi of the jean and logan scene :(

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