For me there are 12 major motion marvel films these are:

1.X-Men 2
2.Spider-Man 2
5.Blade 2
6.X Men
8.Fantastic Four
9.The Hulk
10.The Punisher
12.Blade Trinity
James"007"Bond said:
A good 60% of these movies are pure and utter garbage.

Maybe so.

haven't done this in quite a while, and I think some of my spots have shifted.

1. SM2
2. X2
3. SM
4. Hulk
5. X-men
6. Blade
7. Punisher
8. DD
9. FF
10. Blade 2
11. Blade Trinity
12. Elektra

Of course we also have Man-thing and Elektra, but I only included theatrical releases. They would come toward the end anyway.
Sava said:
i guess there are other who disagree with you

That definately goes without saying. You and I have had our lengthy disputes before in the past regarding a certain overly-profound green beast.:spidey:
I love how when a new movie comes out we always start one of these threads.

1. Spider-man
9.5/10. I loved every second and still do. I just wish the GG costume was better, but Dafoe's performance made it a non issue.

2. Hulk
9/10. Brilliant. It doesn't deserve the crap it gets. Everyone was spot on, Hulk looked fantastic. The only bad part was the very rushed supervillain part of the plot, but again, Nolte made it a non issue.

3. Spider-man 2
9/10. Superior action to the original, but with a less interesting villain (not to mention I'm not a fan of Ock), it gets less points. Still phenominal film.

4. X-men: The Last Stand
8.5/10. This is defintely a film fans are split on. You either love it or hate it. I'm in the love it boat. First film where the Brotherhood wasn't a joke and it was actually about the X-men, not Wolverine and his Amazing friends. My sole issue was the almost total lack of Cyclops and a few melodramtic scenes.

5. X-men
8/10. A good start, but it was mainly a Wolverine film. Sabertooth was a joke. Hell, alot of characters were mischaracterized. And if you think Last Stand has plotholes... well you clearly don't remember this film.

6. X2
7.5/10. X2 just felt like X-men all over again, but this time you have one very pointless "death," even less Cyclops action, the Brotherhood being even weaker than before, and Deathstrike essentially stealing Sabertooth's role.

7. Daredevil
7/10. Haven't seen the DC, but the theatrical cut wasn't bad at all. Colin Farrel made this film, Affleck was a surprisingly decent DD, some fantastic fight scenes. The one main problem is how rushed the conclusion is. DD goes from fighting Elektra, to Bullseye to Kingpin.

8. Fantastic Four
6.5/10. Some good scenes, and while I did have fun, theres no denying how crappy a villain Doom was. They essentially stole the plot from Spider-man, but made it worse. Doom doesn't need powers. And despite having a pretty sweet throw down, it was still kinda meh. Chiklis and Evans kept me interested, but Ioan and Alba brought it down more than a few notches. Its really a shame about Doom though. Anyone who's seen Nip/Tuck knows why. Overall, you could really tell that the script was made of 20 different scripts and had no real direction.

9. Elektra
6/10. A few good scenes, but Garner is no Elektra. And the whole Dad was a *****e completely messes up the continuity of DD. Boring villains, so so plot, its okay, but not the total crapfest everyone says it is.

9. Punisher
5/10. I was expecting something good. Instead I got a parking lot made of a flaming skull. Need I go on? Jane was alright, but everyone else just sucked.

10. Blade 2
4/10. I hate the Blade films. None of them have actual plots, weak characters and the only thing this one has going for it is one really good fight... that depends way too much on CGI.

11. Blade
3.5/10. See above.... but with worse CG.

12. Blade Trinity
1/10. See above, plus add an incompetent director, useless characters, pointless character additions and even more mis-casting than usual.

13. Man-Thing
1/10. Was so bad I couldnt watch it all the way through. And I tried watching it twice. There was one sole scene worth watching. The end when you finally see Man-Thing.
Favorites (not best made films)
1. Fantastic Four
2. Spider-Man
3. Daredevil
4. X-Men 2
5. Hulk
6. Spider-Man 2
7. X-Men
8. Blade 2
9. Blade
10. Elektra
11. X-Men: The Last Stand
12. The Punisher

Have yet to see Blade Trinity
1. Spider-Man 2
2. X2: X-Men United
3. Spider-Man
4. X-Men
5. X-Men: The Last Stand
6. Daredevil (Director's Cut)
7. Hulk
8. Fantastic Four
9. Blade
10. Blade II
11. The Punisher
12. Elektra
13. Blade: Trinity

While I have some issues with all of the films ranked from 5th to 11th, Elektra and Blade: Trinity are the only ones that I think are really crappy.
1. Spider-Man 2
2. X-Men 2
3. X-Men
4. Spider-Man
5. The Punisher
6. Blade 2
7. Blade
8. Fantastic Four
9. Hulk
10. Daredevil
11. Blade Trinity
12. Elektra

I have seen X-Men 3, it would be #2 for me
1. Spider-Man 2
2. X-men 2
3. Spider-man
4. Daredevil (DC)
5. X-Men
6. Blade 2
7. X-Men - The Last Stand
8. Blade
9. Fantastic Four
10. The Punisher
11. Hulk
12. Blade Trinity
13. Elektra
of those movies, i like, spiderman and x-men...................!!!!!!!!!!
1. Spiderman 2
2. X2
3. Spiderman
4. Hulk
5. Blade
6. Blade 2
7. Punisher
8. X3
9. Daredevil
10. Blade Trinity
11. X1
12. Electra
13. Fantastic Four
1) Xmen 2
2) Spiderman 2
3) Xmen
4) Spiderman
5) DD
6) F4
7) Blade I
8) Blade III
9) Blade II
11)The Punisher

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