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G.I Junk


Jul 25, 2002
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One of the reasons I never got into G.I. Joe all that much as a kid was the crappy toys. I swear, every time I bought anything G.I. Joe related back then, it fell apart. You could argue that it was because it was the 80's, but hell... My Transformers, Super Powers, Masters of the Universe figures and others held up... some are still in great shape. But anything G.I. Joe ended up getting pitched. Anyone else remember this?
I never had a problem with anything BUT those damn crotch rubber bands!!! :cmad:

The one that was on a simple hook that kept the top half of the figure connected to the bottom half. But once it came off it was hell to get it back on, that's if the band didn't actually break, then you were screwed. :cmad:
YUP. That happened to damn near every figure I had.
All of my figures and vehicles worked fine for me, if the rubber band (called O-rings) snapped then you were probably playing too rough with your Joes.
Joes always broke the same way for everyone...the o-ring snaps,the crotch breaks,the thumbs fall off lol
Never had any problems with any of my figs, vehicles, or sets.
Hell, I've been playing with my Joes for 25+ years.....and they're still going strong!!!

I can't count how many of my GI Joes ended up as disabled vets from those. I loved my GI Joes, but in terms of quality they were unfortunately quite crappy. Some people love to whine about Sigma 6, but at least the action figures are durable enough for kids to play with.
Joes always broke the same way for everyone...the o-ring snaps,the crotch breaks,the thumbs fall off lol

I had a problem with the thumbs too, especially the very first ones made.
The O-ring breaks weren't so bad for me once my friend showed me how to open them up. I just got a screwdriver from my dad's toolbox that was small enough to open the Joe up, put a new O-Ring in (you could buy similar sized rubberbands at hardware stores). Plus I'd take them apart and rearrange the pieces to create "new Joes".

The thumbs and crotch breaking was a problem, but honestly I still have some of my figures from when I was a kid. Sure, when I threw rocks at the figures, or shot them with BB guns they would break, but that's pretty obvious.
I remember when I received my hooded C.C. in the mail. First thing that happened was the thumb broke off when putting his gun in his hand. I was soo pissed.lol

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