Get ready for Action Man and Hungry Hungry Hippos

So I can quite easily imagine sitting in a theatre sighing at an Action Man trailer but how exactly do you make a Hungry, Hungry Hippos movie?!
What's next? Biker mice from mars? Directed by Bay.
How about Action Man vs Hungry Hungry Hippos?
Hungry Hungry Hippos starring Rosie O'Donnel, Queen Latifah, Melissa McCarthy, and the fat black chick from Precious

4 women get thrown into a ring where people throw a bunch of food at them, and the 4 women have to gobble it up as fast and as much as they can
I'm calling it now

Hungry Hungry Hippos sweeps Oscars 2016
For years I joked about a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie being made in light of recent boardgames and toy movies, sadly it's become true. The world truly is ending this year.
Quit giving them ideas. Your nerd sarcasm is their potential franchise.
Hungry hungry hippos is actually a really easy board game to make a movie of. Have it be an animated film about hippos going on an adventure. Either have them searching for food or one quick gag about being hungry and you've got HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS.

Action Man? Eh, property name enticed me but I wouldn't want to jump on board. Doesn't seem to have anything to really play around with story wise, at least with hippos you can have some fun and make it clever (think Madagascar just with hippos as the protagonists).
They should create a Toy Cinematic Universe. The hippos can be genetically altered by the aliens from Battleship as a weapon to exact revenge against the humans. Action Man can be recruited to lead the war against the Hungry Hungry Hippos. The Biker Mice from Mars--ancestral enemies of the Battleship aliens--track their enemies to Earth. There they form an alliance with Action Man to defeat the Hungry Hungry Hippos.

An aftercredit scene can subtley tease Discord, ala Thanos from The Avengers.
Sounds like a studio executive got ****faced while watching Robot Chicken and thought, "Challenge accepted."

I have no problems with Action Man since he had cartoons.
I don't know how a Hungry, Hungry Hippos movie works. Of course, I'd rather see a Carmen San Diego movie rather than Hungry, Hungry Hippos.
When they say Action Man they means this guy

if that so Hell yes, I want to see this movie :wow:
When they say Action Man they means this guy

if that so Hell yes, I want to see this movie :wow:

The "Who am I?" line always made me laugh.


They could also use the other versions...



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