Ghost In The Shell: Solid State Society


Apr 3, 2002
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Anyway, the new movie came out on DVD recently. Feature length flick based on the SAC TV series. The Major has left Section 9, Togusa is now the leader. Batou, Togusa, and company are investigating a master hacker the Puppeteer and his relation to terrorist deaths and missing children in Japan.

You can buy the movie in regular or steel box special editions. I bought the steel box version which has a disc of extras and the awesome soundtrack for Yoko Kanno.

I really liked the movie, and I hope it is the lead in for another season. The producer stated that the American audience and the sales of Solid State Society will decide if there will be a third season or not.

It's similar to Innocence that Kusanagi is no longer with Section 9 and Batou and Togusa have to deal without her. It feels like Section 9 is missing something with her loss. But Kusanagi does have a much bigger role as well, and she hasn't joined with the net.

You can read my review on the special edition here:

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society

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