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Ghost Rider at Comic-Con!!


Apr 30, 2003
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Comic-Con 2006 :: Programming for Saturday, July 22

5:00-6:30 Sony Presents— Sony Pictures proudly presents a pair of Marvels: The classic Marvel comic Ghost Rider comes to the big screen with Academy Award–winning Nicolas Cage playing Johnny Blaze. Appearing in person to answer your questions and show some previews will be the film's stars Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes and director Mark Steven Johnson. Oh, and did we mention Spidey 3? Come find out why we don't have to say anything else . . . besides Sam Raimi! Hall H
Comic-Con 2006 :: Programming for Saturday, July 22

6:30-7:30 Making Your Own Live Action Comic Book (that means movie!): Troma's Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead— Legendary indie filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger) and producer Steven Paul (Ghost Rider) examine the art of making your film into a live action comic book the Troma Way! Kaufman will also be screening never-before-seen selections from his newest film Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead and giving away Comic-Con exclusive Poultrygeist teaser DVDs. Don’t miss a special appearance by cartoonist Batton Lash (Supernatural Law). Moderated by Mimi Cruz of Night Flight Comics. Room 6B
Source: http://www.comic-con.org/cci/cci06_prog_sat.php

Confirmation that we'll get a presentation at this year's comic-con!


Superheroes deserve a superconvention, and they get it

By Jay Boyar | Sentinel Travel Editor
Posted June 12, 2005

Editor's note: Impulse Travel is an occasional feature about destinations for spur-of-the-moment travelers.

The mysterious contents of Batman's utility belt.

The persuasive properties of Wonder Woman's magic lasso.

The interpersonal dynamics that drive the Fantastic Four.

These and other vital artistic, mystic and super-humanistic issues will, in all likelihood, be discussed, debated, parsed and deconstructed by the participants at Comic Con International.

This annual San Diego event, billed as the largest such gathering in the United States, if not the world, is set for July 14 through 17 at the city's convention center.

About 87,000 attended last year, with upward of 90,000 expected next month, of which only about 1,200 will be pros. The rest will be fans -- locals and, especially, tourists.

But not necessarily comic-book fanatics. Fans of movies, role-playing games, science fiction and, well, you name it, all show up at Comic Con.

Yes, the lineup of featured guests includes such comic-book greats as artists Gene Colan (who has drawn Daredevil, Batman, Captain America and Iron Man) and Jim Lee (The X-Men, Superman, The Fantastic Four), and writer Marv Wolfman ("Teen Titans," Blade and "Tomb of Dracula").

And, yes, there will be lectures, workshops and panel discussions on such topics as "Super-villains in Pop Culture," "The Superhero Defined" and, no kidding, "Sin, Transgression and Redemption in Comics."

But if comic books are a major presence at Comic Con, they are only a part of it.

"To me, it's multiple conventions under one umbrella," reflects Jackie Estrada, who serves on the event's guest committee. "It has such extensive coverage and representation by all these different pop-culture areas, that you can come and be immersed in your interest for the whole four days and never even look at anything else if you don't want to."

The Origin of Comic Con

Comic Con started in 1970 when 300 fans (mostly comic-book fans) gathered in a San Diego hotel, presumably to share their deepest personal feelings about utility belts, magic lassos, super-group dynamics and the like. The event grew rapidly in both numbers and scope. This year's edition will include programs about film, television, animation, literature and graphic novels. Among the featured guests will be filmmaker Kevin Smith (Chasing Amy, Jersey Girl), sci-fi author Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451), special-effects legend Ray Harryhausen (Jason and the Argonauts) and animator J.J. Sedelmaier, whose edgy oeuvre includes such Saturday Night Live favorites as "The Ambiguously Gay Duo," "The X-Presidents" and "Fun With Real Audio."

"Animation is a very user-friendly tool," says Sedelmaier, striking a theme he may expand on at Comic Con. "Sometimes it allows you to say things you couldn't say any other way without it being uncomfortable."

This convention also has become a prime location for film studios to get people talking about their latest sci-fi, fantasy and comic-book-inspired movies.

"In 1976, Lucas Film came to our event and had a small booth on our floor and had a presentation on a new movie they were doing, which, of course, was Star Wars, a full year before it came out," notes Comic Con spokesman David Glanzer. "They tapped into this fan base that . . . started a little groundswell of interest in this motion picture."

Buzz central

Last year, Glanzer adds, Lucas Film announced the title of Episode III, Revenge of the Sith, at Comic Con. The recent Batman Begins as well as the upcoming Fantastic Four film also have been represented there, as have The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Jude Law showed up to promote Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Ben Affleck for Daredevil, Halle Berry for Gothika and Angelina Jolie for a Lara Croft flick.

Estrada says this year the studios will have presentations featuring Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, Superman Returns, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Ghost Rider and The Legend of Zorro. Mike Vollman, a marketing executive for DreamWorks, says his studio hopes to feel the fan pulse on its upcoming The Island, with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson, and the "Transformers" movie, a live-action film based on the popular toys.

"There are three or four events during the year that are really places where you get a big cross-section of what's going on in popular culture," explains Vollman, who lists the MTV Movie Awards and Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards as others. "Comic Con really does say to you who is important, who is going to be hot in the next year."

What the Sundance and Toronto film festivals are to such small, independent gems as Sideways, Kinsey and Hotel Rwanda, Comic Con has become to glitzy pop-culture flicks. In fact, movie studios have come to depend on fan reaction at the convention to guide some of their decisions.

"Comic Con is the pinnacle," says Vollman. "It's where buzz is born."

The 'Spirit' of Comic Con

Still, there will be plenty at Comic Con to keep the die-hard comic-book fanatic engaged.

Among the event's 7,900 exhibitors, many will sell vintage and new comics, as well as comic-related toys and games. In addition, aspiring comic-book artists can attend life-drawing classes and have pros evaluate their portfolios.

Comic Con also is where the comic-book industry's prestigious Eisner Awards are presented.

The awards are named for Will Eisner, the brilliant and phenomenally influential creator of The Spirit, a superhero with a mask but no super powers. There will be daily programs about Eisner, who died Jan. 3, as well as a tribute to him at the awards ceremony to keep, so to speak, the "Spirit" alive.

" 'The Spirit' was a very influential comic," says Estrada, who coordinates the awards. "Even though a lot of the general public never heard of it, it influenced a lot of artists. It showed them how dynamic and interesting you could make the simplest story."

An especially flashy feature of Comic Con will be the traditional Masquerade, a costume contest with such categories as best workmanship, best group effort and most humorous.

"People take a great deal of time and effort to build really pretty beautiful and extraordinary costumes," Glanzer points out. And it's easy to guess why they work so hard on them.

Comic Con doesn't claim to confer super powers on comic-book aficionados. But attending the San Diego event is as close as most fans will ever come to having them.

Source: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/trav...,486502.story?coll=orl-travel-headlines-print
Hot damn! I got a chill down my spine from reading that, so thank's for posting it!
I'm thinking we should have a poster, or a teaser trailer for GR by then (July 14), which quite honestly, blows my mind whenever I think about it.
Oh baby!
Awesome news indeeed! It's really too bad that I'll never get to see one of those huge comic-con things.

This is the year for Ghost Rider and I suspect you'll see his boney face all over the place.
curious what (and how much) they are gonna show there. they may wait for next years con to have a huge set up like they did for the punisher.
either way i cant wait to see what they have....maybe even a clip! :eek:
I think if they show a clip it will be of Blaze not GR but i think they might unveil GR in a pic:eek: :ghost:
Thanks Retroman. You may have cake and ice cream.

So, it looks like we'll see the first footage in July. Oh yeah!

I guess a proper teaser's too much to ask for, but maybe there'll be a teaser for the teaser. A big, menacing picture of Ghost Rider would kick major ass too.
hunter rider said:
I think if they show a clip it will be of Blaze not GR but i think they might unveil GR in a pic:eek: :ghost:

I think you're right on that one. Seems like the perfect time to me to unvail what Ghost Rider is going to look like.

Of course, I'm hoping MSJ will pop in here any day now to let us see that.
Less than a month away until we see what presentations are in store for Ghost Rider. I really hope we get some new images.

Isn't that a new picture of the hellcycle?
Good observation Esquercrou! I hope they'll show off some footage of the cycle and then release it online cause i won't be able to attend this event :(
I expect a teaser AT LEAST. They have been too far into production not to have one there.
I agree. I'm sure they realize that this is a huge opportunity to promote the flick and to not show something would be a waste.
Avi confirms again in his new interview (http://www.iesb.net/marvel/063005.php) that they will be at the comic con with Ghost Rider. What they will be there will is still unknown.

That's all that was mentioned in the interview about Ghost Rider, btw.
Hey guys...
this is for the folks who can make the con on Saturday 7/16 starting at 3:30:

"3:30-5:00 Sony Presents—An incredible event featuring 3 upcoming new films!

Ghost Rider—In Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, a motorcycle stunt rider, makes a deal with the devil in order to save his father's life, only to become possessed by his demonic alter ego, Ghost Rider. As he struggles against his new persona, he must save his girlfriend and engage in a mortal battle with Mephistopheles. Ghost Rider stars Nicolas Cage, Wes Bentley, Eva Mendes, Sam Elliott, and Peter Fonda. Join us for a first look at Ghost Rider with director Mark Steven Johnson, star Eva Mendes, and Marvel's own Avi Arad in person."

so...this might be it. its possible that they will have some footage....
also this will be a great chance for people to ask questions directly to Eva, Avi, and Mark. wish i could go :mad:


They MUST have footage surely.

Oh my BG. Great find there.

So, is there anyone here going to the con on Saturday? If so, be sure to get pics and ask questions if possible.

Perhaps we should start one of those question threads again like we did last year? That way somebody who's at the con could be sure to ask the most important questiosn we have.
hey not a problem FH....i remembered that they would normally list all of the upcoming events for the show on their site. decided to see if GR would have a special time set for it like they did FF last year.
now we need to get one our "people" down there to ask some questions..heh
Most definatly.

I was hoping somebody from here was going to be there but nobody has piped up yet about it.

I'm sure we'll find out what happened, regardless... but I'd like to know for sure that someone will be there.
Thanks for the Joblo link Biggun. Joblo will be covering the Comic-Con and had this to say:


So who's already been announced as this year's guests? (Note: This is just a basic list at this point-- noticeable absences, Nicolas Cage (Ghost Rider!), Brand Routh (Superman!) and Peter Jackson-- they could be possible "surprise guests"). Check out the confirmed guests below...

Source: http://www.joblo.com/index.php?id=7925

Could Cage drop by? I know the crowd will probably go nuts...
More great Comic-Con news (for those lucky enoug to attend). From the SHH mainpage:

Comic-Con takes place in San Diego, CA from July 14 – July 17 2005. On July 16th from 10am - 7pm, come dressed as your favorite Spider-Man comic villain and we will take a photograph of you. Photographs will be taken at the Sony Pictures Booth where you will also be able to view the HellCycle from Ghost Rider, the Stargate from Stargate-SG1 and costumes from Underworld 2. For more information on Comic-con, please visit: Comic-Con.org

Source: http://www.superherohype.com/news/spider-mannews.php?id=3249
View the Hellcycle? Do they mean the actual bike will be there or they'll have pics of it? Man, if that's there... some people are very lucky to get to see it.
forgit about just looking at it....STEAL IT. heh
just say you are working for MSJ and he asked that the cycle be taken to get a tune up...and make sure you have a big fake fu-manchu style moustache while you are doing it too.....you dont want to look suspicous :D

wish i could go though.... :(
FlameHead said:
View the Hellcycle? Do they mean the actual bike will be there or they'll have pics of it? Man, if that's there... some people are very lucky to get to see it.

Well remember they made more than just one so it is very possible they let Comic-Con borrow one of them.

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