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Warzone at San Diego Comic-Con


violent messiah
May 8, 2002
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this comes straight from ign. looks like they will have interviews and... new footage!

"IGN's very own Eric Moro, the editor-in-chief of IGN Movies and DVD, will be moderating two of Lionsgate's movie panels at this week's San Diego Comic-Con."

"First up is the Marvel/Lionsgate panel on Punisher: War Zone. The panel will include producer Gale Anne Hurd (who also produced The Incredible Hulk) and two of the film's stars, Ray Stevenson (taking over from Thomas Jane in the title role) and Julie Benz. Fans should expect to see some exclusive footage from the shoot 'em up. The Punisher panel will be held this Thursday the 24th from 8-8:30pm in Room 6B."

also, as had been announced before, the con will also be the first place to check out the new bradstreet poster. sweeeeeet!
I'm very excited to see the Bradstreet poster. That, and maybe some leaked footage... but I know that chances are the poster is all I'll see... soo, I'm not getting myself excited for any footage until I actually see it.

I wish that Jigsaw would be there.
yeah... when i first read it, i figured ign will have the new footage... but now i realize that all it says is that they're going to be screening the footage for the people at the con. still, i'm sure ign will have a full description... and hopefully they'll have the new footage anyway, seeing as how they're moderating the event. either way, bradstreet's poster is definitely enough to wet my appetite for some warzone goodness.
live blog on the main page right now of the panel as it happens...
Moved this to the proper thread.

But reading the live blog, this just seemed like a weird reason to hire someone to direct.

Partially because she was a martial arts champion.

I can understand, being because they liked Hooligans, which was a reason. But, that just seems like one of the reasons that Tim Story got hired for Fantastic Four, because he was a family man.
I can understand, being because they liked Hooligans, which was a reason. But, that just seems like one of the reasons that Tim Story got hired for Fantastic Four, because he was a family man.
LOL I thought the same (not the Story reference)
Just saw the comic-con trailer.

Wow....I'm blown away. That was freaking insane!!!!!! I can't wait :)
Now THIS is a Punisher film!!!
Really? Were you there, or is there a link somewhere?

Just so you know, there's also ANOTHER trailer, which is a music video you can download on IGN. It plays out like a trailer, but there aren't any lines except "I've only just begun" at the end.
Granted, the movie as a whole could still be a pile of dog poo, but I am impressed at just how graphic it is. And Jigsaw looks appropriately grotesque.

Could Lexi Alexander be the new Katheryn Bigelow?
The thing that caught my eye wasn't just that it was violent...but how the video was portrayed. Very gritty and a bit stylized. I think this is going to be fantastic...it probably won't do incredibly well, but i'm sure they'll break even or at least make a bit more then they spent. This kind of really hard R film doesn't draw in the crowds so much.

but you know what...who cares!!! This is how the Punisher was meant to be seen!!! :)
The new footage was pretty intense. I wish they went for more of the "brutal violence" instead of the "gory violence". I got to admit though, punch that guy so hard in the face that his whole face caved in? That's pretty intense. I kind of like the song playing in the footage, too.
I dont care if the movie itself royally sucks. I feel like i'm actually watching a good interpretation of a Punisher comic in live action, just the comic-con footage alone has made me very happy. I felt like I was looking at a Mike Zeck painting a couple of times seeing Ray in the outfit drawing guns and whatnot. Pure badass. I don't love the music, but I dont think its going to make or break the movie. This footage was over the top and stylized, especially the violence but I dont think a Punisher movie should be subtle, I already saw a toned down more "realistic" version, and this looks better to me. This looks like an unapologetic, violent as hell, comic book with a BLACK sense of humor. I love that Jigsaw looks so grotesque also, reminds me of Evil Ash a bit. To sum it up, hell yeah!
So...how bad was the situation for Punisher at Comic-Con.

Because I'm hearing it was a massive train wreck for them at the Con.

Comic Con went really well for them, from what I know. They released two new trailers that have won over some people, and generated a lot of new interest in the movie. The only bad thing has been that Lexi Alexander has gone AWOL and rumours have been popping up left, right and center at the same time as CC.

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