Give me some batgame info!

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Sep 22, 2004
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The New movie is out next year and I haven't heard or seen a thing about the game tie-in!

I need a good playable batgame before I die dammit!
There's a Batman Lego game coming out that should be fun.
While more than anything, I'm dying to see the film itself (The Dark Knight), I hear the game is being made by Pandemic. Saw a rumor on EGM or somewhere else a couple of months ago.

And as Geo7877 said, the Lego Batman would also be pretty good, plus it's Batman vs Joker just like the movie :woot:
The last thing i heard was the next Batman game was going to be a "gta style Batman game". Im guessing that means freeroam. Im not sure if said game was actually The Dark Knight or another one all together. But like you, im dying for a kick ass Batman game...and Ironman game, and Captain America game and Superman game and Deadpool game....
yeah, rumor has it The Dark Knight is going to be freeroam...and we know Lego Batman is coming around the same time too.

On the subject of a good Superman Game, Superman Returns had the right idea, it was just terribly carried out.

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