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GR Parody-Meet the Spartans!!!


Guardian of the Flame
Apr 4, 2005
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Hey, guys!
I saw this today and almost cannot believe it...
"Meet the Spartans" is a parody to the 2007 blockbusters.
By the same stupid filmakers that made the awful "Epic Movie".
Here´s the poster:


Our flaming hero on the right.
Well,..., let´s wait.
Am I the only one who thinks Megatron looks cooler in that poster than the movie?
While I've absolutely no doubt the movie will suck, I'll have to check it out on DVD for the GR bit.

Thanks for the heads-up, BF.

When are these "parody" movies going to stop? They're no longer parodies. It's just a string of unfunny bits made to look like other movies but they don't make any kind of commentary about the films they are referencing. The first Scary Movie got it right in my opinion. But all this crap like Date Movie, Epic Movie and that sports movie that I can't even remember the name of is all just stupid.
Lol the poster looks funny but mostly it would suck if it's too messy =(
Come on! Can someone please sue this people! This can't be legal...
I highly doubt it. He wasn't even shown on the trailer.
is this supposed to be like epic movie 2?? it kinda looks that way...
Hahaha!! That's actually great! More exposure for our flameheaded hero!
Will somebody please find a way to stop those guys from making more of these "movies?"
As long as people pay for this garbage, they will continue to make more.
People watch these movies knowing what kind of movie it is. It's the sort of goofball comedy that's sort of in its own genre and a lot of people like this sort of humor.

Ghost rider ain't the only one,Looks like they are also Spoofing 300,Spider-Man 3,Shrek,Rambo,And a bunch of other ****
did anyone see this yet? I don't wanna dish out the money to see it just yet unless the ghost rider part is funny.
According to the people I talked to (drum roll please)........
Ghost Rider gets a few seconds, he gets his flames let out by a fire extinguisher
...thats all folks.
Wow. How gay. Poor GR can't even get a proper parody.
They should stop with these. Scary Movie 1 & 2 were okay. Scary Movie 3 & 4 were completely different movies & I loved them. Date Movie was a crap fest. Epic Movies was atleast better than Date Movie. Do we really need one per year.
Yet people keep paying to see these piece of ***** movies.
I got some bad news for people who hate these string of really bad parody movies.. There's another one coming out this year called "Superhero" movie from the preview I saw it looks like a parody of the first Spider-Man movie and ususally these movies will use like four thousand different hero movies to reference to but this one looks like they're sticking to Spider-Man one.

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