Greatest "What The Hell!??!?" Moment


Aug 30, 2003
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Just a moment in a movie that doesn't fit it at all and makes you go "What the Hell?" And Generally makes you start laughing hysterically.

For me it would be in The Rundown, shortly after the Rock goes into the bar and Christopher Walken and his boys come in and there is gonne be a fight. A Midget gets up and runs out. The whole part of him running takes about 30 seconds and suring that 3 seconds everybody just stops and watches him.

It's ****ing hilarious.
Revolver is a WHAT THE HELL! moment :) ALL OF IT!
In "Batman and Robin" when Batman takes out his Bat-credit card.
My WHAT THE HELL?!!?!!? movie moment was when i saw Romeo+Juliet when they started having that gun fight at the city gas station and was talking in old english.... i thought this was going to be an era film, then i started laughing uncontrolably...... biggest shocking WHAT THE HELL?!?!!? moment i have ever had with a movie.... i got cramps
HarleenQuinzel said:
In "Batman and Robin" when Batman takes out his Bat-credit card.

another WHAT THE HELL?!?! was in "batman and robin" when they got the wise shot of his plated Ass' armor, and then the nipples on his chest armor. I was laughing like crazy,
When the tiny Grandparents come out of the paper bag in Mulholland Drive.
I'd have to say everything after the pre-title sequence in Die Another Day. I kinda sat there thinking to myself, "wait a minute, this isn't the same movie is it? There must be some mistake!" And much like William Shatner in The Twilight Zone episode, I became increasingly paranoid, asking those around me, "you've seen the real movie right? Right?! NO I WILL NOT LEAVE THE THEATRE QUIETLY!!" *Big gunfight ensues*
More WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! moments

Paris Hilton cameo in The Cat in The Hat,
Mike myers as The Cat In The Hat.
Smash mouth songs in The Cat In The Hat.
Those two creepy blue haired Twins In The Cat In The Hat.
The Whole Freakin Cat In The Hat Movie!

Michael Jackson in Men In Black 2.

Macy Grey in spider-man

N'synic music turned on accidentily in X-men 2

And The Ending of Till Dusk Till Dawn! Where they all sudenly Turned into Vampires!! I didn't know it was a movie about vampires!!! I WAS LIKE WHAT THE HELL!?!?!!?!?
when I came on to the hype only to see a banner to a movie actually called "Puerto Vallarta Squeeze".
In the Transporter 2 when Frank flips the car in the air and uses the crane to take the bomb off the bottom of the car. A big WTF??????
In The Punisher when he gets beat up by that big guy and the two neighbors are dancing around and singing Opera and can't hear that hes like getting killed in the next room, WHAT THE HELL?!?!
starts hearing the music to The Crying Game :(

i saw this on a date and had no idea what it was. my date was building it up to be a romance movie/tear jerker.
The first time I saw Vertigo was a big What the Hell. I mean, the woman Scottie saw on the street and tried to turn into his dead fling was actually impersonating the real woman for him to amke him think that the real woman committed suicide, where actually her husband had killed her and threw her out of the tower?

When I first saw that revelation the only thing I could get though my head was "Holy Asscrackers".
Imagine you had heard nothing ever at all about From Dusk 'Til Dawn. And then watched it.
the scene in Batman & Robin where Robin is struggling to free himself from some vines that have him trapped under water. he manages to surface momentarily only to be pulled back under BY REVERSING THE FILM.

also, the opening credits on the film being projected on to Alicia Silverstone's face.
Flame on! said:
Imagine you had heard nothing ever at all about From Dusk 'Til Dawn. And then watched it.

Hell, I knew what the movie was about and it still caught me by surprise.
Another B&R... when the freeze gun gets hit out of Freeze's hands and flies up and sticks to a statue like a magnet for no ****ing reason. :mad:

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