Avengers Assemble!
Oct 7, 2005
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Hi guys! Here I'll be posting the progress on my HYDRA army. Here is what I have so far, with some of my customs included, wich by the way are not finished yet...I made some mods this week to them. And there may be some more.
Today I'm getting two more of the HML3 HYDRA goons, so I'll be posting more pics maybe tonight or tomorrow!!!

Thanks for watching guys!

And yes I want more...at least 20 of the HML3 HYDRA goons!!!! :wow:



not that i dont have faith in cap. but he might need some help,not because of the hydra goons, but b/c crossbones,red skull,and zemo are all there too
I hope the mailman hurry's up today and deliver the HML3 series...at least Bucky will aid.

:csad: But the sad thing there will be two more HYDRAS to kick their butts!!! :wow:
LOL! Yes. and No.

Remember my favorite super hero is Cap... I have been seen these guys since I was a child, so maybe is just something related to a certain I don't know why or maybe....

Ok is an addiction but is justified! Cap deserves it! He does not look good in a shelve without a ton of these guys to kick a** on!

I know! But this is my hobby. Some guys drink, others smoke, other ride bikes....etc. I just enjoy my family and get my comic books and legends.

Do you think 20 is too much for the HYDRA goons? Honestly!
nope, if it makes you happy
id probably do that many multiple men
Im loving them i hope they do hand ninjas ill go over board on them i think
hounestly i would say 10 MAX, i think to much would just look to crowded and if you have 20 it will be hard to have them all doing different things
Im loving them i hope they do hand ninjas ill go over board on them i think

Mee too....But not as much when they do the AIM guys....Those AIM guys will be on my shelves just like HYDRA goons...tons of them!!!
modok surrounded by aim guys would be cool you could have one shelve just full of a army half aim half hydra
modok surrounded by aim guys would be cool you could have one shelve just full of a army half aim half hydra

Actually I'm replacing my book shelves for actual shelves....long and deeper shelves....That means more space and more possibilities of making some kick a** set ups!
Right now I'm not able to do that due to space limitations. :csad:
I know the feeling i updated my shelves not that long ago but that was more or less just to hold my collection now i have to add more again just to take the load ive bought since the last shelves got put up 2 months ago
hahahaha. Cool then. You are getting a few Legends then!!!

Man, those AIM guys would be awesome!
Ive seemed to go on a spree this last month or 2 let me think. Not including the ones im still waiting on and since i posted the pics up of my collection ive added.
Namor series (tw2)
quicksilver (hw2)
Nick fury (tw5)
Domino cannonball cable and marvel girl (h2packs)
Non variant Sentry (giant man wave)
Phasing ghost rider (tw7)
Archangel (xmen classics)
Juggernut (tw6)
Jigsaw white suited (t 2 pcks)
King pin white suited (t 2 packs)
cyclops and angel variants (sentinal wave)

Jeez when its wrote down it looks a lot more :(
espec since i know theres still more to come
WOW! BTW are you missing some of the Face off packs????
yeah i am. Its a burden im having to bare at the moment.
Sort of take what i can get at the time and try and sort it all later.
Like in the post i should hve a hulk buster iron man a astonishing wolvie and white sasquatch (from the boy rough) and then mr fantastic and red skull series 5 silver centurian iron man , a series 5 silver surfer along with his little howard duck side kick and omega red (tht means another torso and ill have to hunt down more sentinal parts *Sigh : ) *
Wich Face off are you missing???? Can you give me a list? A may heve some here myself!

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