Incredible Hulk movie figs

Green Scar

Aug 1, 2007
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Well...all credit goes to the Hulk for posting these in the Hulk merchandise thread over in the Hulk forums...but I thought i'd post the pics over here so more people can see them. These are prototypes from an ebay auction, and from what we have seen of the Hulk from the new movie, they look to be pretty accurate.




i can't wait to see the finished figs because right now, they look amazing. the third one is my favorite, but i'll definitely be getting quite a few of these.
I hope the finished product at least has articulated knees.

Also the second one resembles TBML1 Hulk a lot
im surprised to see a wash
hasbro really is listening
well, each wave i think they've only gotten better. and these look great.
except for the articulation,where are his knee joints? i guess the are only protos tho
unless they're "under" his jeans? but they're protos...they wouldn't not do knee joints.
even these still have Hasbro Elbows....which means no bicep Swivel.....Hulk won't be able to smash as well
They look pretty good. From what I can tell, I like the look of this Hulk better than the previous movie.
And ironic that the day after sk throws his toys out the pram scar finds these pictures made me smile
can't say i'll be buying any of these, but i like the third one's headsculpt the best.

i'm also usually not one to be picky about articulation, but wow these suck.
1st pic looks like the upcomig ML Select Hulk
2nd pic looks like TB ML 1 different head sculpt & legs
3rd pic looks like FO Hulk legs,feet, torso

I think anyways.
they all look like the same fig to me...there hardly any difference.

ill stick to the comic ML line if that ever surfaces.
Im sure when we hear the first podcast from hasbro this year thats what it will address. Did you get your punisher fo today?
The only fig that remotely looks like anything that's come out in terms of Hulk is the second one, and that's only his hands.
i think they look great. id say the knee joint is under the jeans. i just hope this means that they are nearly ready for production and will hit stores soon. remember the first movie toys? they were out six months before the movie came out, and they sold millions of the hulk hands alone. hulk sold more product then spiderman and xmen. i hope hulk goes merch crazy like the first one did. ill buy every single item.
1st pic looks like the upcomig ML Select Hulk
2nd pic looks like TB ML 1 different head sculpt & legs
3rd pic looks like FO Hulk legs,feet, torso

I think anyways.
1st look nothis like the ms hulk coming out. that is based on a statue diamond select released a few years back. 2nd also looks like none of the toybiz hulks. it looks jkind similar to one, but they still look very different, and 3rd again, no, nothing to do with face off hulk, legs are tottally different. they are all nrew sculpts, and remember these are PROTOTYPES. they finiushed product will look better im sure.
what i also like about these figures, are the sculpted hands. i dont think any of the hands on any toybiz hulk with articluation look really good, and hulk really shouls have clenched fists. take planet hulk, right hand is fine, opens and closes into a fist ok. the left hand had one finger sticking out, you cant make a propper fist and it looks odd.
oh and before someone points out planet hulk was a hasbro figure, they used the war hulk body made by toy biz.
they look worse than ang's toys...which were spectacular...

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