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Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, or Guy Gardner?


Strange Tales
Apr 13, 2006
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A Green Lantern movie script is being written. As a fan or a part of an audience seeing the world of Green Lantern for the first time, which human GL would you like to see the movie focus on?

For me, I'd say focus on Hal Jordan. He should be the Luke Skywalker of the GL movie series. Let Kyle, John, and Guy play as supporting characters to Hal in the sequels kinda like the supporting role played by Han Solo and Chubacca to Luke.

But that's my opinion, what's yours?
I thought Hal Jordan is the Darth Vader (without being killed when he returns to Good), and Kyle is the "kid"?
The only one who shouldn't get a lead in Gardner IMO. His antics would make it easy to make GL into a joke in the wrong hands. Good supporting character, though.

Hal, John or Kyle could be excellent lead characters. Each could make excellent solo films with their different methods of being GL.
Half Jordan for a first movie... the rest for a 2nd.
Hal and John together, add kyle for the second, Guy for the third.

Hal wins popularity contests amongst comics fans... but so what?
Hal of course :woot: for the first movie with Guy as supporting cast.
Hal Jordan for the first with an indruction of Guy Gardner as his replacement if he goes down.

Then Hal and Ollie (Green Arrow) for sequel introduing John Stewart with Hal giving the ring over to John taking over in the end in spite of Guy arguments tat h should be the one.

then a movie with the entire GL corps.
I said John Stewart, simply because I wasn't big on the comics, but I did like the recent tv series.
I vote Hal Jordan, because he's the original.
Hal Jordan in the first one, although I love Guy Gardner! Maybe the rest can show up in a GLC film! That's one team film i'd love to see!
Start with a trilogy thats the rise fall and rebirth of Hal Jordan. It could inculde everyone and then, Sinesto Corp War
Hal, no one else please. maybe for later sequels but the first movie needs hal jordan featured in it
Be very cool to include Scott in the movie, or even movies, in some way, he's a classic character.
Hal, and no, they shouldnt replace him....he needs to be THE GL in the minds of the public
Hal as GL and then the entire corps in the sequal.
I would want a trilogy focusing on Hal Jordan. The Corps can easily appear in first film, with John or Guy making an appearance in the sequels. And given the franchise potential with Green Lantern, they could easily make a fourth film introducing Kyle Rayner and using the Parallax storyline.

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