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Has a post or thread ever changed your opinion?


Apr 9, 2006
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Has a post, thread or particular set of words from a poster ever changed your opinion or caused you to look into an issue further?

There are some intelligent people who post on the net and I am thankful that some of them have intellgently inspired me to question some of my beliefs while others have educated me regarding certain issues.

Has anyone else had that experience, or do we just post here to shout about how right we are?

Some threads go on forever regardless of evidence offered.

- Whirly
not changed, but reeducated on others points of views...

most people don't post in threads to change their opinions but to reinforce their own.

that is unless that is actually the purpose of the thread although many 'advice' threads are actually looking for reinforcement but this is usually just with relationships threads.
No, I'm a very opinionated arse. You just can't change that.
Well I will say that SupermanBeyond's FairTax thread opened my eyes. But changed my opinion on something.. "No".
Well I will say that SupermanBeyond's FairTax thread opened my eyes. But changed my opinion on something.. "No".
Thanks. The Fairtax Thread is more of a classroom than anything else.
No, but I have learned more about various stuff.
Of course.
I don't see how you could verbally bump into so many people from all over the world and not have your mind changed by the new perspectives they bring.

Over my time in the Hype I have changed a lot of my views on religion, politics, philosophy and the like. Some of the more intelligent people on the Hype have played a role in that.
Of course. There are some very influential individuals on this site. I'm not going to pretend that I know everything, its impossible. One person can't know it all. At some point there's an occurence were your views on certain issues change (unless you're a stubborn jackass) whether it be from a persuassive argument or someone else's first hand experience. There's nothing wrong with being educated, and afterwards changing your stance on a particular topic/issue.

To say no to this question (imo) is like saying "I know all, I have been through it all, I have no change." And that just sounds ridiculous.
Hrm...I've looked into a few bands cause of internet speak, does that count?
No, not yet but some do make me think and are very informative.
as convincing as saying "Neeewb" to my opinions on boards or some other monosolavic zinger... it has yet to sway my opinion.
^^^^NEEEWB (sorry , i couldn't think of a better monoslavic zinger)

I think things were brought to attention I hadn't known before.. I still hold my own values and beliefs as I did before but I do feel that I am learning things about people and life.
My opinion has been swayed on topics that pertain to taste or likes and dislikes...but moral issues, notsomuch.
Hype News has changed many lives.

Number names have been...transformed.
You know just where to hit me. :(
I have been swayed enough times to question some of my own views, but my opinions haven't been changed due to a specific post of thread. I have had my eyes open to many alternatives, and have questioned my own beliefs, but I haven't radically changed my stance on a particular issue.

For example, SupermanBeyond's FairTax thread was incredibly well-researched and has made me consider it as an alternative to the current tax system. I have yet to decide whether it's something I truly agree with, but the amount of research he put into it has inspired me to do some additional research of my own on the topic.
Wilhelm's views on Christianity have made me question my faith. I'm conflicted now, but it's actually a good feeling. I feel dumb for not noticing some of the absurd things in the bible before. Thanks :up:

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