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Have you ever felt like, you killed it?


Mar 17, 2007
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Its not limited to here, but have you ever felt like after you post a message in a thread, that you just killed it since no one responds? Or is it just selfish to think that?
I'm responding simply so you don't think you killed it. :o
I think I killed the lounge with my batman story:csad:
All the time. :( But, it would be presumptuous for me to think I'm so disliked that people would advoid a thread just because I added my $0.02
I feel like that all time.

Thread closed
I'm not going to lock it
I just thought it would be funny to say it

so, you lose ;)
i used to to kill them by pretty much leaving nothing more to be said about the topic.
I kill every thread I respond in...this thread has been killed. Oh noes! :p
*thinks of ways to kill this thread*
Yes. Matt will back me up.
Would have been funny if no one posted in this thread at all.
didn't C.Lee start banning people for saying "In Before the Lock" in to many threads? :woot:

it was in the Batman forums or something.
Yeh, he started takin posts off them or something. He has an extreem disliking for it.
I think there should be an age, much like there should be in driving a vehicle, that you can no longer be a mod. C. Lee has been past that age for a while now.

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