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Hey bro, let's get something to eat... BRO-DATE!!

It's not your fault your friend can't tell the difference between "let's grab something to eat" and "let me grab some of your meat."
A me and a bro of mine always get food together. If one of us is bored and on campus we call up the other one to see if he's around to chill. It's all good.
I've gone to Applebees with my friend before to talk, grab some food and watch the baseball/football game.
Bro excursions are great for when you just want to completely be yourself, wind down and chill out without all the protocol baggage and complications that come when hanging out with women.
I don't think I've heard the term bro date til now. But either way, that guy is a moron.
Hey 'fire, let's do lunch. Wings are on me. No touchies this time, 'kay?
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So as you can see Knowsbleed, your friend is an idiot. All your internet people agree on that. Now you must end him and all his line.
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Great so hanging out with another dude is gay seen as gay now as well :huh:

Do some folks just not want people to have friends or something now?
This whole thread reminds me of a funny joke from Family Guy last night:

I know way too many women like that for real :(

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