Days of Future Past How should they handle Wolverine in this movie? (if he had to be in it..)


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Sep 17, 2012
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Assuming that DoFP establishes two timelines (the original movies and First Class), would you rather see:

A: Wolverine the time-traveller from the original movies.

B: Wolverine from the First Class timeline.

C: No Wolverine

I think "A" and "C" are most appealing. Personally I don't think he should be in it (as he's been the star of 4, soon to be 5, films).

If he had to be in it, I'd prefer "A" over "B". For "B", a rookie Wolverine joining the team again would be a repeat of X1 (but weirder/awkward, especially if young Scott, young Jean are in it (perhaps born earlier due to time-travel butterfly effect or something. We did see Scott/Storm 'cameos' in FC afterall)

I think Wolverine the time-traveller might be more interesting. (Wolverine is a great candidate for the time-traveller, as he would able to live long enough to see the changes he possibly makes).

They could have him trying to right certain wrongs he made (in the original trilogy) regarding the giant threat that destroys the original timeline's future but also his personal decisions. Perhaps he'll be the responsible one, mentoring the hothead teen recruits. Perhaps he'll be the one resistant against Xavier recruiting Jean. Perhaps he'll try to put his other self on a different path.

Two Wolverine's might be complicated though; maybe they'll just keep it simple by having him mind-time-travel instead (occupying his First-Class timeline's body).
They can take this thing so many ways so its a tough call on how they will go about it. Id be cool with him being the time traveler or even if he just has a quick action sequence or two in the Alt Future then is gone the rest of the flick. He should have a presence though.

Wolv's has taken up most the screen time in the franchise, but if they leave him out of this one both Fans and the general audience will ***** about it. Hes one of the few alive in the story. Cant really think of what DOFP would gain from his absence. I mean if Wolverine was absent in the film then that would mean hes dead, and that is something I would want to see happen on screen cause hes pretty much un killable. An offscreen kill for the franchises main star? That would be a huge let down or missed opportunity for the audience. Would have to show him at least die.
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They should make sure he didn't dominate the show (which he tended to do in X3) and that he was true to character. I wouldn't want to see other characters reduced to non-entities because Wolverine hogged the limelight all the time.
I wouldn't want ANY of those three choices. Wolverine should be in the future scenes as a non-time traveler and not even that big of a role. Pretty much exactly as it was in the comic.
Alternate future Wolverine should stay in the future; it would be weird seeing old man Logan traipsing around with the X-kids as the time traveler. I don't think 60s Wolverine would figure into anything that would be going on since he's probably still off doing his own thing.
what about...

D: Wolverine in the future. Secondary role.

what if future Wolverine, has to go back in time to kill his young self

completely wiping him out of any of the previous films (including XO:W)

how much of a mind **** would that be lol
The best option is letter A.
-No need to reintroduce Wolverine because we already saw him before unlike if they go with the Wolverine from the First Class timeline.
-He was the face of the original trilogy so it just makes sense if he they gave him the time-traveler role.
-If they are going to feature the "future world or timeline", its best that they include the most popular character in the movie series.
wolverine Is most popular X-Man and Hugh Jackman Is Robert Downey JR of X-Men films.
With the third hobbit film opening the same days as DOFP they need all the big guns.
Just because of the disappointment of The Last Stand that doesn't mean they should
leave out WOlverine In the biggest film in Franchise.

If Jackman agrees I see no reason why they wouldn't go with Wolverine as Time Traveler.Since Wolverine Is around In first Class era they can go with the excahnging minds between future and past selves If they want from original comic.Plus seeing
him with other X-Men/X2 cast members and also interacting with james Mcavoy,Michael
Fassbender,and Jennifer Lawrence would be event.
Out of these three options, C. If they make Wolverine the time traveller it will pretty much be a Wolverine show and everyone else will be dancing around him. No thanks to that. In fact if there's a time traveller character at all, I'd like him/her to be a future version of one of the characters in First Class, not someone who has no connection to this young team.

I'd be ok with a brief Wolverine cameo in the future universe with the rest of the original cast.
Wolverine in the future hacking at Sentinels is the best option, i think.
Yeah, give Wolverine something to slice through with his claws. The Sentinel thing works for me.
what about...

D: Wolverine in the future. Secondary role.


Exactly, that would be my preference too.

It would feel weird if he wasn't in the future at all.
perhaps just show an older looking Logan with streaks of white hair and a beard in the future chopping up Sentinels
It wouldn't be Days of the Future Past if we didn't see future Wolverine's death, that scene is iconic. I also loved in TAS when the sentinels were walking Wolverine and Bishop to dig their own graves and as they pass the X-Men's graves, Wolverine sees Jubilee's tombstone and you can see the anger and grief hit him.

I would also prefer if the time traveler was Rachel Summers or Cable and they made a stop in the "present" to recruit Wolverine and Storm.
mmmm, Wolverines death.... Id like to see that one day, lol
People are deluding themselves If they think Wolverine won't have much of a role.

I will bet the time travler will be returning character.
I wouldn't want ANY of those three choices. Wolverine should be in the future scenes as a non-time traveler and not even that big of a role. Pretty much exactly as it was in the comic.

This exactly.

Logan's role in the comic was great, would love to see Hugh as the older renegade. I'd prefer someone else do the time-travelling though. Still voting Rogue.
Just like the comic (and TAS). One of the last mutant freedom fighters left, in the post-apocalyptic future.

His iconic death scene is a must:

It would be one hell of a missed opportunity if the film doesn't use this rare chance to kill Wolverine in some explosive way.

It's also a case where a big Wolverine set-piece is totally appropriate.
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^ Shows the changes they made to Wolverine character as he became more popular over the years.

That he aged normally, and could be killed by fire.
Just like the comic (and TAS). One of the last mutant freedom fighters left, in the post-apocalyptic future.

His iconic death scene is a must:


I'd rather see this first. get it and him out the way.

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