how will symbiot spidey shoot webs?


Oct 4, 2005
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personally i always hate when artists show symbiot spidey shooting webs the regular way, with two fingers pressing his palm, cuz they always also draw him with the white marks on his wrists or w/e but there useless then. now from what weve seen there will be no white marks on the top of his hands, but i still hope he shoots the webs from their, just as something different then the usual, and showing how the suit has made changes.
Good idea, he should shoot the web from front of his hand like it was originally done when he put on the symbiote suit. But if they're dumb enough to make The Goblin suit a piece of naked green armor and just change the color of the Spider-Man suit to black and call it a symbiote suit then I wouldn't put it past them to have him just shoot the web out of his wrist.
How about this, he shoots it out his tuckus. How's that for accuracy. All you guys are complaining about accuracy and tasteless changes all the time.

Spiders don't shoot webbing out of their wrists or their hands. WHAT ABOUT BEING TRUE TO SPIDERS?!
If you think about it from the movie point of view if he naturally has webbing coming out of his wrist why would he shoot it out of the top of his hand. His body would have to be rewired for that to work. Anyone who didn't read the comic wouldn't understand it. So they will probably keep it in the wrist.
Forget accuracy to the comics. That doesn't matter.
Yeah, I'm sure they'll just keep it the same way it's always been. Even though the webs from the top of the hand looks cool in drawings, it really wouldn't work too well in real life. He'd have to swivel his hand around in a very awkward way everytime he shot a web in order to grab it and swing on it. I know that may sound unimportant, but they do have to animate Spidey as if he were a real person, and that would look pretty strange.
I never was too fond of that whole thing anyway. It seems stupid.
I'm not talking about accuracy to comics. I'M TALKING ABOUT ACCURACY TO SPIDERS! BEING TRUE TO SPIDERS!

Spiders don't shoot webbing out of their wrists! They don't even have wrists! HOW TASTELESS OF THEM!
Yeah I know. I guess that's why the original spidey couldn't do that. *shrugs*
TheVileOne said:
I'm not talking about accuracy to comics. I'M TALKING ABOUT ACCURACY TO SPIDERS! BEING TRUE TO SPIDERS!

Spiders don't shoot webbing out of their wrists! They don't even have wrists! HOW TASTELESS OF THEM!

I don't hear the spiders complaining.
He should just shoot the webs the same way he has been.
by the look of the poster there will be no white patches on his hands to shoot webs.
thats still not 100% for sure the actual symbiote, it could be a suit of mourning. :up: :eek:

at least i hope.
Serrious question. When spiders shoot webs, is that like urine for them?

how would this work? how could he hold on the web if the web is coming from the top of hes hand?
Symbiote Spidey should shoot webs like he always does. But, maybe their stronger or something. I don't know.
Personally, I think that he should wear the black suit from the comics, and who the hell knows why he isn't? But seeing how they have to be stupid and change it from what it really does look like, if he shoots webs the regular way, he should atleast have an endless supply of stronger webbing.
This just in! In a recent interview with Harold Kinnings, the symbiote will actually shoot the webs from it's mouth!

"MG: So from what we understand the long time fan favorite villain, Venom, will appear in the 3rd installment of the Spider-Man franchise.

HK: I have jelly rolls, hoagies, grinders, bagels, hot soup, what cha need?

MG: Ha ha ha, very nice, I know that Raimi has sworn you all to secrecy about the project, but what's up with the Lunch Truck behind you?

HK: That's my Lunch Truck. I drives it to all the lots wheres they're shootin this movie and I sells the actors and crew lunches. Whaddaya want? Chips, maybe a nice submarine sandwich?

MG: Submariner!?

HK: That ain't what I said.....

MG: Wait till the guys back on the SHH boards hear this!

HK: Look pal if you don't.....

MG: Where does Spidey shoot his webbing from when he's in the
symbiote suit? From the backs of his hands like in the comics?

HK: Lemme show you punk, the same place your teeth are gonna shoot


MG: ........ Vhere ewe hab iff, Fubmairiner ish in Shpider-Mam Free, am de Schymbiote shutes websss ouff of hish mouf."

See? proof!

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