Hulk 3 Script - Unofficial Prototype (Thoughts?)


Nov 13, 2009
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Scene 1 (Ricky Jones)
1. Hulk meets young Ricky Jones
- Ricky life is saved by Hulk
- befriends the Hulk and is helping him stay invisible
- And search for a cure to separate Hulk and Banner.

Scene 2 (Shield AI Bots)
2. Feeding off of location information obtained from the Hulk saving Ricky
Shield uses Stark Ent. AI Robots to stage a hulk capture attempt
- Capture fails (Hulk busts up a containment unit, destroys bots) after seeing
AI bots threaten Ricky and a small family (with dog) trying to help him

Back-story (Intro Villain)
Dark Doom or Dark Leader is creating a destructive army of AI robots using enhanced stolen Stark Industries Technology. His secondary plan is to slaughter and attack a nearby city (To be named) using the AI bots to test their destructive capability and to act as a distraction for his primary agenda which is to take over a secret nuclear weapons control facility.

Scene 3 (Hulk Captured For Testing)
Shield captures Ricky Jones and threatens life-time imprisonment unless Bruce turns himself in.

Bruce turns himself in and Shield uses its secret test facility to start analyzing/studying the hulk. Strength testing (Containment), resistance testing... speed etc...

(We get to learn allot of initial data about the Hulk's abilities here)...

Hulk is kept in facility using a super containment room that he has not been able to breach and he is calmed by Betty and a very calming Doc Sampson... who are only helping because they are working under false pretenses created by Shield.

Scene 4 (Dark Doom/Leader Assault Begins)
AI bots and a mothership are deployed to a TBD city and ordered to attack and destroy all life forms any signs of civilization. Bots attack and Military and Shield forces prove to be inferior against the machines. Lives are being lost and nothing is slowing the slaughtering progression.

Ricky and Betty are convinced they need to let the hulk out to help fight the bots.

Scene 5 (Shield / Military refuse to use Hulk in crisis.)
After Betty pleads with Shield leaders to use the Hulk... they still refuse to surrender the research
Shield learns of Doom's plan to overtake the nuclear facility and deploys a team led by Doc Sampson to defend the facility.

Back-story 2 (Ross/Shield)
Ross is very angry at excluding him from planning, strategy and the overall arrogance they have showed him. Especially since Shields big tickets to fame have been given by Ross's own career pain and suffering and relentless pursuit of the Hulk.

Scene 6
Betty and Ricky work secretly together with the help of a military connection (General Ross) to try to get Bruce out of the shield facility to fight the bots.

They are caught by Shield in Hulk chamber... Banner sees Shield treating Ricky and Betty roughly and turns into Hulk...

Shield gets Betty and Ricky out of the primary chamber and engages the master containment system that Hulk hasn't broken through before.

Hulk starts to try to break through the containment unit but its holding solidly according to the structural force readings in the control rooms... Ricky in a last attempt busts loose from the guards to get back to the hulk... Hulk see's him through some glass as Ricky pounds with his hand and screams to the hulk to get out...

The hulk is getting angrier and starts to hit the containment unit harder and harder... The control room reports a rapid increase force measurements within the containment unit.

A shield guard gets back to Ricky and Hits him with a baton and Hulk sees Ricky go down... This infuriates the hulk and he destroys the master containment system and aids Ricky and Betty. The control room is shocked as the last know readings pegged out at 275 tons of force before it was destroyed.

Scene 7
Doc Sampson and the Shield team have overpowered a surprised Dark Doom/Leader's nuclear attack and Dark Doom/Leader has ordered the Ai bots and mothership back to the nuclear facility 10 miles away for reinforcements but to still continue to destroying all life forms. Doom's hope is that enough carnage will distract the military and give him time to wear down Sampson and shield.

Scene 8
Betty and Ricky explain to the Hulk what is going on and that they need his help to defeat the AI bots and that it could be deadly. Hulk explains he is not afraid "Hulk no afraid of anything!" he says.

Scene 9
Bots are about 5 miles away from Nuclear facility and they devastate Sampson and the shield forces... Sampson is near death and unable to stop the bots...

Scene 10 - Final Scene Details

Hulk lands at battle site... He surveys (Betty and Ricky are pursuing about 10 minutes behind in helicopter)

The hulk is caught in surprise attacked by the leading AI bot and the mothership. The hulk puts up a good fight but the AI bot uses its primary laser weapon to vaporize the hulk. The hulk is hurt badly by the weapon but not killed... the mothership reinforces the AI bot by firing its vaporizing weapon in conjunction with the AI bot. The hulk is down and being destroyed... until Sampson uses his last bit of strength to attack and distract the AI bot and mothership... Sampson has the help of some local civilians trying to save their families.

The hulk starts to regain more consciousness... He starts to survey what's going on...

The ground is littered with bodies. Blood is being spattered everywhere from the destruction of Dark Doom's giant invulnerable AI bots shred flesh and vaporize targets (Similar to WOW's scene/cloverfield)
People are dying and the military still remains powerless to stop them with their weapons. (Similar to WOW/Clover)

Recovering from his near violent death from the ultimate AI Robot the Hulk stands up shaken and a bit scared and weary because he nearly died and he didn't think it was possible that he was almost killed. His body is slowly healing in front of our eyes.

He hears the shouts for help as people are being killed... the same people that saved him from death by sacrificial distraction. As one more hit by the Main AI bot's primary weapon would have killed him.

He sees a woman assaulted in front of her child (He starts to angrily cringe but somewhat doubtful expression that even he may not be powerful enough to help) and the bots are moving closer to a last stand complex housing women and children. He sees a few children/teens run out to defend the complex with shovels, rocks, pistols, rifles and the bots injure several and are moving to kill them… he see’s Doc Sampson limping in desperation to protect the humans. He is put down by the AI bot (we don’t know if he’s dead or alive).

We can see the deep emotions and understanding in the hulk’s brutish face. As a result of the horrifying human carnage and rage the hulk starts to shake uncontrollably with rage at seeing the children and women and his friends being harmed.

The adrenalin and rage surge is so powerful he bowls over with his face to the ground as we can see the muscle strands increasing quantity in his body and we can see the veins and arteries working even faster to pushing blood to all his organs.

His healing rate is visibly faster. He is completely restored. He then rises up with the most hellish/deadly looking face as one can imagine. He wants them all dead and he will not stop until they are or he is. He lands between the ui bot getting ready to destroy a small child and her mother.

Now the same shields that could not be penetrated earlier by the hulk are going down and he is violently destroying every non-human thing in his path.

His rage has totally consumed him and his strength and powers have shot off the scale. The main UI robot re-engages the hulk and was going to use the primary laser weapon that nearly destroyed the hulk before as it penetrated his skin and his muscle.

However this time the hulk is so enraged the weapon hits the hulk however it cannot cut into the hulk fast enough because his healing factor is out running the laser damage. So you see cutting/burning and instant healing so fast that the weapon can't make progress.

The hulk then commences an all out ass kicking street brawl and obliterates the main UI bot and every other challenge in his path.

After he has savagely destroyed the remaining enemy, he returns in a bound to the injured children and is worried because the children are hurt (see 1990's hulk cartoon Sasquatch episode where Sasquatch nearly drowned a boy that was hulk's friend)...

The medical crews led by Betty start to arrive and the children are getting attention and the others start to surround the hulk and hug him with tears in their eyes. Sampson is slowly recovering.

From that moment on the hulk knows that humans are basically good and his friends and he will never allow them to be harmed again.

The threat is gone... government is closing in and becoming more interested in the hulk as they now understand his powers increase with rage... time for the hulk to go... while he likes humans he will not be government property. Sampson, Ricky and Betty yell at the hulk to go run and they will find and help him later.

Guidelines for Success

1. No more tossing government soldiers around... no one wants to see a hero do this especially during times of war... wrong message.

2. No more complete focus on the love story with Betty... Back-story only.

3. Banner is boring and when on-screen and can quickly take life out of an otherwise good movie, so we do indeed need a Banner Hulk friend like a young good hearted Rick Jones... basically comic character relief which Banner is sorely missing.

4. Paying more attention to the Hulk comics especially like the late ones in the 1990's with Lou Ferrigno voice over. There was some very good source material that captures hulk essence better than most animations.

5. No one really understands the expressions and emotions like Lou Ferrigno and is paramount to the movies success to capture the emotions correctly.

6. Stick to the comics... yes he can jump far...

There is a section called 'Fandom come' on the front page, and a sub-section of that called 'Fan Fiction and films' where folk post their own takes on how future movie scripts should be done in their opinion.
I would maybe Hulk jump over there with this post.

My two cents anyway....yes, i would like to see a Hulk movie where he befriends Rick Jones, maybe rick could help him along with the talking, encouraging that part of the Hulk's mind that is not usually engaged by a person(in the movies so far anyway).
I wouldn't have SHIELD threaten to imprison Rick jones, unbelievable, as well as shield are still the good guys here trying to do the right thing in regards to the hulk problem. Just have them capture Banner.
And i don't much like the idea of hulk fighting robots all through the movie, i would prefer another monster, no matter how hokey it would be to get them there.
the govrnment/shield could be experimenting with mutation and another monster could result.

as for Banner being boring onscreen, I thought Ed norton was pretty good, and his on the run escapades kept me entertained just as much as the hulk being onscreen did. unlike the Banner in Ang Lee's movie. I loved Eric Bana in Chopper, but they did not give him much of interest to do. It was more of a sit down psychodrama.

I have the 1st season of the 90s hulk cartoon on dvd, and agree they could learn a thing or two from that show. The ep with the Sasquatch and the wee boy and his dog was great.
you do realize the incredible hulk was a reboot not a sequel right ?
Yes i know it was a reboot... another reason why it wasn't received as well... when you mess up the first time its hard to get back into the game...

I call it Hulk 3 simply to avoid confusion because it is the third hulk movie.

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