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Deathmatch Hype Deathmatch: Secret Invasion: R1M4: POWder-Man vs. Colossal Spoons vs. Bullets


Sep 10, 2004
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Hype Deathmatch
Secret Invasion

Round 1, Match 1

POWder-Man vs. Colossal Spoons vs.Bullets

This is Hype Deathmatch "Secret Invasion", a Hype Deathmatch with a twist. Out of 36 players in this match-up, eighteen have been assigned as Skrull Aliens. The other half of the game board are humans. It's safe to assume that in any given match AT LEAST one player is Skrull.

Please note the new objective. Each match will last 3 days. Two will run at a time in the first round. The poster with the most votes moves onto the next round. The objective of the Hype at large is to determine which players are skrull and eliminate them out of the match. If you are unsuccessful in this then a Skrull player stands a good chance of winning the deathmatch and therefore taking over the Hype! Oh Noes!

  • All players in the match may talk openly about their affiliation, however I have encouraged any Skrull players (aliens) to lie about their Skrull status if they deem necessary. This means you can trust no one!
  • Please do not ruin the match for others by hacking into e-mail accounts or attempting to sweet talk information out of me (because it ain't happenin'). Anything I've sent these players via PM is confidential and should be treated as such.
  • Try to have fun with this! Don't take things too seriously, and don't think that anything in this game is personal. All Skrull players were chosen at random, all match brackets were chosen at random.
  • You may not change your affiliation and I will deny any requests to.
  • The polls have now been made public, viewing who votes for whom may help you discover who is Skrull!
Enterthemadness vs. Enriquespy vs. KALEL114 (TBA)
Franvs. The Original Bamfer (TBA)
Jack Rabbit vs. Badger
POWder-Man vs. Colossal Spoons vs. Bullets
Matrixo vs. Specter313 vs. EL ASESINO
Cookiva vs. Spider-Fan vs. funeman 5

The Evolutionist vs. The Apocalypse
Warhammer vs. Themanofbat
AndthePickles vs. JP
BRUTAL vs. Kritish
Deep Thinkin'! vs. Halcohol
DBella vs. Superman79
Knowsbleed vs. hippie hunter
Holly vs. Darthphere
Immortalfire vs. Hunter Rider
Cmill216 vs. Matt
Note the new rules, and again, if you are confused that these are a day early...I will be unavailable tomorrow and most of Sunday, so I am starting them tonight
ok so apparently you guys want a skrull to win . i get it! down with humanity, right on guys.
Even if Spooner was replaced by an alien, I'd still love him.

So he gets my vote.
^Skrull. :cmad:

Still :heart: ya, though.
Pfft, you're just sayin that cause you're losin, Skrull. :o

I am saying that because...

*wipes tear from eye*

I have lost a good friend and now all that remains is a Skrull walking around in a Jack Rabbit suit.


AWW it looks like skrulls have feelings two.

I have feelings because I am Human.

Again,another event i am not a part of.Why?Because i am the hearld of the Time Of Troubles..
Yeah, what she said.

Holly, did you vote for me? :heart:
Bullets are intended to kill people...JUST LIKE SKRULLS!!!!

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