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Sep 24, 2005
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Touted as one of the "darkest animated motion picture since
the Nightmare Before Christmas" (Ebert) and the "most disturbing retelling imagined" by MBOnline.

"As far removed from Bugs Bunny as one can imagine, and yet,
strangely compelling in a horrific sort of way." - Kiyu Reviewers

"A terrifying reminder of the the inherant evil within mankind." - PluggedIn Online


Blood & Soil: The Synopsis
The year is 1939, and something is amiss in Delta Browning’s (Joshua Jackson) quiet farming community. First came the mysterious disappearances of the wild brown rabbits outside the community, then disappearances within the community begin to occur. Realizing that the disappearances all target certain individuals and faced with the ominous mystery of 'why?'; Delta vows to discover the truth. Warned about strange happenings on a nearby farm by a cautious cat (Gary Oldman), Delta is led to a bloody scene and a mysterious hole.
Fearful for himself, but determined to protect those he cares for, Delta plunges into the hole and finds himself facing the truth behind the mysterious disappearances. Now, holding information that could save hundreds, Delta must look upon the very face of hate and escape to warn the Council, risking his life, and others, to do so. Genocide is upon the once peaceful community, and only Delta can stop it.

Based upon, sadly, true events and people.
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An Excerpt From a Review of Blood & Soil:

This movie changed my life. A 20-year career in film criticism, and I feel like I have spent a lifetime wading through filth in search of this single pearl. Schindler's List, Citizen Kane, The Godfather... all these and more turgid turds in comparison to the sheer might and splendour that is Blood & Soil. I must admit, I ****ed in my pants a little during the third act. Go to the cinema now. Take your children. If they don't want to go, kill them. You can have new children, ones who will have good taste and appreciate this piece of filmmaking genius. The greatest film of all time.

- Horatio Bleurgh, The Daily Hyperbole
I spy....the white rabbit from Alice In Wonderland. :oldrazz:
End of the third act music.

I went to see this the other night and holy ****. I really didn’t expect to like it because of its seemingly goofy premise, but it really is one of the best movies of the summer.

Basically, the brown rabbits are the Jewish allegory and the white rabbits are the Nazi allegory, but they don’t throw this in your face like I anticipated. The brown rabbits really have a culture of their own, and this is apparent from the beginning from the pastries their bakers hawk from the windows to the intriguing, spiraling architecture of their underground burrow.

The scruffy-but-adorable main character, Delta Browning (haw-haw) quickly demonstrates a charming personality within the opening scene, with a quick wit and a genuinely caring attitude. It doesn’t take long before you feel like you could be good friends with this little CGI rabbit. Not to belittle the CGI, though. Everything is gorgeous and you can tell the animators really put a lot of effort into making the animals look real (aside from the talking of course).

Soon the exposition is over and it becomes apparent that the movie is going to get dark. A neurotic cat (Spectacularly voiced by Gary Oldman) tries to warn the community that something terrible is happening to the other brown rabbit burrows across the hillside, but is ignored by everyone but the concerned Delta, who follows him to a grisly scene. I don’t want to give it away, but this part (with a stunning musical score from John Murphy) obviously drew heavy inspiration from the holocaust survivor Eli Wiesel’s memoir, Night.

I’ve praised this movie enough, though. There were some problems, mostly to be blamed on the director, “Bullets”; such as scenes that just drag on. At one point the perspective shifts to another character (Jesse Eisenburg as Harold), who is stuck in effectively an internment camp. Three days go by in just one never-ending scene trying to demonstrate how bad the conditions are, and I found myself waiting to go back to Delta’s more interesting storyline.

The “Hitler” role was also rather disappointing. Not only did I feel Steven Blum was poorly cast for this part, but the character suffers from poor development and just didn’t feel like more than your average movie villain. You never are able to learn his motives other than that he thinks brown rabbits are a lesser race, and you don’t get to see him until toward the very end of the movie. All in all I felt the greatest villain in history could have been more interesting.

But despite Bullets’s directorial blunders throughout the film, the rest of the cast and crew really stepped up and brought it from another Holocaust reimagining to something truly riveting. This is a movie that will have people talking for years to come, and really shows a whole new side to what CGI is capable of. If you like dark, historically-flavored movies with action and drama aplenty, go see it as soon as you can.
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