I got an interview for Team Leader position


Sep 11, 2001
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This is ridiculous. There really is no justice in the world. All I've done since promotion to tier 2 is about 6 days of slacking - no work whatsoever - and about 7 hours of listening to recorded calls and giving them scores. Listening to calls and giving them scores!! What a pathetic excuse for work. On one of my slacking escapades today, what do I find? An email from the "talent acquisition team" asking me if I want to attend an interview for team leader position. The team leader position would allow me to earn more money than I've earned in my life up to this point. Its proper money. Its money you could get a mortgage with or buy a car with.

If I were anyone else, I'd be furiously angry. Ya do no work at all, go out of your way to avoid work in fact, and this is how they repay you?? But I'm me. So I'm quite happy. Quite happy indeed. I probably won't get the job seeing as I have no managerial experience whatsoever. Though, they already know that. I sent them an email about the team leader job about a month ago with all my ****ty work experience on it. I honestly didn't expect a reply, and I forgot all about it. I guess they've been monitering my progress, but not monitering me THAT well since they seem to have no clue I frequently disappear to the internet bay. Where I sit at the moment. It took so long for them to get back to me because I put my old mobile number on my CV. Just another example of my dumb luck. I fail, and yet I succeed at the same time.

I'll let you guys know how it goes.
Team Leader, Team Leader this is alpha bravo, come in..
Come in, Team Lead, come in. I spot a jobsworth. Repeat, I spot a jobsworth. Pretend to be busy. Over.

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