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I have not seen any of the clips


Jul 2, 2005
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Dont you guys think that 20th century fox is like showing the whole movie to us
It sure does seem that way, so I've abstained from the majority of them and I think I'll be better off because of it.
I think it seems like we've seen too much, but I don't think we've seen as much as we think we have.
I've avoided the clips, although I saw the first one released. I'm waiting for the movie and to catch clips on talk show appearances and stuff.
I havent seen any also. I've only seen one TV spot and that was because it actully came on TV. Other than that I feel too much of the movie would be wasted with these clips.
There must be 30 of them, counting the trailers and talk show clips...Seriously, does this film need them all that badly?
Avoiding the clips will definately make for a better theater experience.

I'm with you guys. Clips are often rough, and unfinished and out of context....so I was kinda thinking 'wtf?' when all the clips got out there. One or two? Fine....but its getting kinda silly. I want to go into the cinema fresh, trailers aside.
The good thing is that only a small percentage of people will be going into this movie, having watched all of these clips...

They did the same thing when promoting X2...There were clips everywhere.. :(

18 clips I think... not including the trailers... that's like 25 minutes of film... 1/4 the movie...
i havent even watched the trailer....... and the only way i know its called the last stand is from this board :D
DroolingforGwen said:
18 clips I think... not including the trailers... that's like 25 minutes of film... 1/4 the movie...

LOL, your math is a bit off. Consider how many clips are used in multiple spots. We've not seen 1/4 of the film.

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