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Oct 4, 2003
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I'm so pissed this cartoon does not come on anymore!! It was so awesome. I bet Moonstar would have joined the team in the next Season!! I am so pissed!!
There are waaaay too many stupid cartoons out nowadays (Teen Titans is awful and so is the new Batman cartoon). I need some X-MEN!!!!!!!!!! :p

There need to be some new X-men cartoon this is torture!!!!

Phew, glad to get that out of my system. :) :xmen:
Yeah, now I've seen commercials for some stupid Robot Monkeys ? How stupid.
Atleast the original 90's version of X-Men is still on.
Stupid Cartoon Network never gave us the new episodes.
I know!!! How stupid of them!!!
Magneto29 said:
Atleast the original 90's version of X-Men is still on.
Yes, I'm happy for that...but I still wish Evolution. The rest of the episodes should come out on DVD! They rocked!! :cool:
LOL I was just watching my VCD copies i downloaded because I miss the show. It was a good show to watch before bed.
Kmackintrush said:
Yes, I'm happy for that...but I still wish Evolution. The rest of the episodes should come out on DVD! They rocked!! :cool:

Just what I was thinking I loved X-Men Evolution and I hope they all come out on dvd like the Apocolypse saga that one was the best IMO. :xmen: :wolverine :cyclops: X-Men rules
I know I have a few episodes on VHS, but I can't remember which ones. I know I had Target X and the Last episode, but I think I may have taped over Target X at one point.
Is the original X-Men airing here in the states still? If they do what channel is it. I wonder if I get it here.
Yes they still air. On Fox Family, they air on Saturday.
For me it's channel 20, or I sometimes called it the Seventh Heaven channel, cause it's on like non-stop. It gets really annoying.
Well, we all know that Kid's WB had to make room on their schedule for the sublime Mucha Lucha, the incredible Pokemon what-ever-the-name-is-now, and of course, everyone's favorite....Xiaolin Showdown.

I had a small hope that Cartoon Network would pick up the ball and possibly push for new episodes, but I guess everyone involved felt it better just to cancel it altogether.
Kmackintrush said:
Yes they still air. On Fox Family, they air on Saturday.

Cool, I'll be looking for it this weekend. LOL Its on after an hour of Spiderman so I guess I'll be excited to watch Saturday morning cartoons again.
cartoon network still airs it at 4:30 pm in mexico. god i hate wb! :mad:
I hate the WB aswell. I miss Evolution. I need about 3 more dvd's and I'll have all of them 'till they come out with more that is. They'll probably release about 4 more and that should be all of the episodes . At least I hope they come out with more. :xmen:
I would think they would come out with them all. They'd be stupid not to.
maybe by the time X3 is released they'll air a new cartoon but i loved the evolution concept and everything was drawn so great.
X-Men Evolution was cancelled for a damn good reason.

Having 7 or 8 continuities within the X-Men franchise was getting to be too ****ing much.

Here's the deal...

Marvel floods the market.

They keep what sells the most.

They ****-can the rest.

Now you can go ahead and knock what you'll claim are "just my opinions" and call me names if it makes you feel better, but if you are a young Marvel fan, it's my duty as a "old" Marvel fan to warn you...

Marvel nowadays is all about re-packaging old ideas for younger audiences.

None of the new ideas can even begin to compare to the original concepts.

None of the new ideas or re-imagined versions of the original characters ever last. Ever.

If you've got a Jones for the re-imagined versions, get ready for a world of disappointments.

My best advice to you is to go check out what's going on in the comics in the regular Marvel universe. Definately try to pick up some reprints and TPBs of the classic stuff. There are also a lot of great stories reasonably prices in the back issue bins.

In regards to cartoons, Marvel doesn't have their game on at all in regards to cartoons.

In the 90's they were close, but the toy market was too involved as the driving factor behind those. Definately true of Evolution as well.

Marvel has promised better cartoons in the future. We'll see. If they make them with the primary intent of selling toys, it may be popular with the kids for a short time, but it will be transparent to the discriminate fan and ultimately fail.

Here's hoping that they'll finally get it right.
Marvel ROX!:up::up:
But they suck for cancelling X-men Evolution:o
X-Men Evolution was a great series for all us X-Fans,now we can only imagine what would happen in X-Men Evo.
I just bought every ep on EBAY. Cost me an arm and a leg though. :p
Love Evolution or hate it, it was Marvel's longest running and best animated cartoon series since the 90's (which had two classic X-Men and Spider-Man runs).

I liked X-Men Evolution. It was a revision of the universe through new eyes and continuity, yet had an imagination all it's own, and stayed true to the cores of many of the characters. Sure, there were redesigns and revampings, most notably of Rogue, who was the standout star of the series. Evolution's version of her, while admittedly overexposed and overused towards the end, was the best version of the character in my opinion, one that Vaughn is running with for his Ultimate run.

The series had it's flaws, it's downs to coinside with it's ups (about half of the episodes of Season Two was mediocre at best and crippled by an influx of mutants filling screen time). But it also had it's strengths, and many notable outings.

The 90's series was a classic, but towards the end the storylines become bigger than the characters, and I remembered those vividly. But in Evolution, I recall the character dynamics better than the rumbles of the week.

The series ended on a high note, and it's a shame they didn't have another season. Who knows what could have been accomplished.

The comic book series based on the cartoon, written by Devin Grayson and drawn by UDON, wasn't bad either (until issue #9, their last).

And considering that they're selling this series (slowly) on DVD, it's a shame and a mistake that Cartoon Network never got the last 12 episodes of the series; one would think having it on the line-up would help their DVD sales to those who didn't get to catch it early mornings on the WB, plus new fans who only saw it on CN. Plus, the last few episodes have never been reaired.

Where there better cartoons? Sure. But X-Men Evolution was a good show if one let go of the past and sat back. I certainly enjoyed it, and I'm a viewer known for being hard on cartoons. It has been missed, and if the hundreds of fan-sites and Evo-based RPG's and fan-fics are any indicator, I am not alone.

"No matter what await us, terrible or wonderous, my X-Men will always be there. And of that, I am proud."

At least it ended on a high, somber, almost optimistic note. Rare for the X-Men.

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