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I saw a box of King Vitamin at the store today


My name is Stefan, sweet thang
Mar 8, 2004
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I figured this **** was either defunct or they just had it in very obscure places, but lo and behold I went to my local store and there it was. :o I did check that exp. date to make sure somebody just didn't stick that **** in there from back in the day, and it's on the up and up. I purchased a box, and yes, while it is just sharper Cap'n Crunch, I ate some. :csad:

Wow, I was sure this was dead, lol.
Really surprising to see that stuff still around.
That stuff lacerates the inside of your mouth like no other.
just this weekend I saw it in my store, but I believe the King was drawn on my box. They had it in the bottom far right corner on the very bottom shelf
^How old are you, kid?
Yeah, they stopped using the old man king back in the mid 90s, as I recall.
lol. There are some stores that still carry them. I haven't had any in like eight years. It's like eating slightly less sharp razor blades in milk. :p

You've never eaten these then.


Made my upper palate bleed. :csad:
I'm 21.
But I guess if they went out around the mid-90's, I was probably young enough to not pay attention to what they had in the grocery stores.
We sold it when I was working in a grocery store a few years ago, no one really bought it but I always wondered what it tasted like.
Damn. King Vitamin was around when I was a small kid. We're talkin' over 30 years ago. I'm amazed they still make it.

The saltiness of the blood mingles with the yummy of the sugar explosions.

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