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I was accidentally on tv this morning

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Dec 16, 2003
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So I work in television as an editor at a local ABC affiliate, and one of my friends I went to University with also went into tv, but he works at a FOX affiliate in production.

Anyway, I work night shifts and he works morning shifts, and sometimes we visit eachother at our respective stations.

Well this morning I went over to visit him at the Fox station just to help him out with script running and guests (menial leg work basically). And so round about the time his shift is coming to an end one of the producers tells my friend that one of the football players from our local NFL team is at the station for an interview and my friend is a HUGE football fan, so he decides it would be cool to meet him.

So I tag along with him to the courtyard area where they were doing an outside interview because I thought it would be cool just to meet a pro athlete and local celeb.

We get over there and we see him standing next to the reporter talking, thinking that they were prepping for the interview, so we walk over, my friend says hi and shakes his hand and then suddenly he turns and pushes me back into the building.

I'm thinking "wait a minute, I want to meet him too", and then he tells me that we just walked into the actual interview itself being broadcast LIVE on tv

we couldn't help but laugh about it later because we were clearly in the shot - we just walked on camera and my buddy shook his hand while he was in the middle of answering a question.

So is he still being employed by them? :D
Stay by the phone in case he needs you :)
You could always tell them that you were under cover, trying to steal their secret sauce :dry:

hope your friend's job is safe.
hope your friend's job is safe.
I just spoke to him on the phone, and he seems to be the man of the hour over there, everyone found it pretty funny.

appearently they're more slack about live shots in the morning.
that's good. it would suck if they are strict about that stuff.
this is kinda funny
good that he is not in trouble
For a guy who works with Television broadcasting, he should have noticed the little red light was on, you too guy. haha
I just got back from work and I told my coworkers. They laughed but were very surprised he didn't get in trouble.

They said if it was reversed and happened to me at ABC I would have been in deep ****.
they haven't put it up so I'm going to see if my friend can get a copy of it.

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