The Dark Knight Ideas other then the bat call


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Mar 10, 2007
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What other things could batman do in TDK for help other than the bat call? The bat call is awesome but they already used that in BB so I kinda want them to do something different
I'd like to see him fly surrounded by bats
i'd like to see some tranquilizer darts and gas capsules.
or, i'd like to see him use sonic weapons not to call bats, but to incapacitate people, i.e. he drops one in a crowd and this really loud "whistle"starts going off causing the croud to drop their weapons and double over
An army of Giant Ninja Man-Bats?
In all seriousness, he should have rocket boots to allow him to fly!
No it isn't! Just think of how awesome it would be if they got someone like Mr. Thau or something to do CGI Batman flies Gotham scene.
That would be cool but it would be copying TMNT

the original movie actually...and im not talking about saying the line...

using the bombs...they are used traditionally as a tool to vanish...they were also incorporated in batman 89
if he had those he should just go full on armor like kingdom come

Or like in Justice? Dude that would be awesome but not enough. He should also fight with two axes shaped like the bat symbol and when he turns them on the side they double as guns and also have laser shooting glasses

OH and like a giant mecha-joker so he could get his own bat-mech and it would shoot lasers too and fight joker in cgi by mr thau too

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