Interview w/Jim Annan on Incredible Hulk.

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Nov 17, 2005
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Jim Annan is the latest in a long line of great Second City straight men like Bob Martin, Jonathan Wilson and Paul Bates: clean-cut, unthreatening and funny as hell. The multi-commercial actor and his SC troupe mates zap us with their 61st revue, Tazed And Confused, now in previews.
All-time favourite Second City sketch?
Glass Mamet, by Bob Martin, Melody Johnson and Jack Mosshammer. No matter how many times I see it.
Least favourite?
For the touring hockey show, we did a sketch about the remaining six Canadian NHL franchises, called We Will Survive. It was sung to I Will Survive, with a choreographed disco dance.
How are you being treated now that you’re one of the senior cast members?
I get to sit right next to the space heater in the dressing room.
What if police picket the show because of the title, Tazed And Confused?
They’ll be at our show instead of tasing someone unnecessarily... so we’ve done our job!
Advice to U.S. voters?
You can’t vote for a guy named Mitt.
What do you say to people who recognize you from TV commercials?
“Hi, I’m Matt Baram.”
You’re your agent. How would you sell you?
“You like those hobbits?”
You’re in the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie. What incredible things do you get to do?
I’m an incredible intelligence officer in the U.S. Army who incredibly delivers files to the incredible lieutenant in charge.
You’re teaming up with former SC member Scott Montgomery for a sketch duo. How come?
It gives us an excuse to hang out and drink.
What makes you a “Jim” and not a “James”?
Actually I am a James, but I was never called that unless I was in trouble or it was the first day of school. So it makes me uneasy.

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