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I wasn't to hot on the art,but I see that's going to change. I'm going to give it a few more issues. I think it'll be interesting.
Wow... yeah, that art from issue #2 looks like it was drawn by a different person. Much better job on the inking, I guess. Looking forward to it.

Oh, Corp... what I meant by the "impurity" is that obviously, something is going wrong with Kyle's power, and the Guardians know what it is... well... they also knew about Parallax and though I don't think they knew that it could corrupt a GL through his ring, when it happened, they eventually knew they f**ked up. Anyway, whatever this is, it doesn't actually sound like the problem this time is some sort of living entity within, but it does seem to have some destructive power and hopefully that doesn't mean we'll be seeing Kyle go all "Emerald Twilight" on us.
Well, they mentioned that he was evolving in IC. Maybe this is just the cosmic equivalent of a teething process. ;)
I just read the interview and it sounds better than I feared. I haven't read #1 yet (I'll get it in a few days), but I thought Marz was going to make Kyle really powerful and have him fight some huge cosmics villains in space all the time. I like that he's instead going to get him back to Earth. I've liked the Earth based stories with Kyle more than the space ones.

Any guesses for the large threat mentioned?

Newsarama said:
NRAMA: So – broad strokes – where are things headed? The Guardians seem to be indicating that there’s a major threat that Ion is going to have to handle…is there?

RM: Yes, major threat. We didn't amp up Kyle just so he could go kick the Rainbow Raider's ass next time he tries to knock over a jewelry store. Where things are headed ... can't tell you that, even in broad strokes. But I can tell you that it does all come together.

I'm hoping for a showdown with Darkseid. The GL Corps is unable to stop him so Kyle/Ion gets called in.
Is it to much to ask that somewhere down the line... Effigy resurfaces? :)
LadyVader said:
A while back, when he was still the Earth's only GL Kyle temporarly took on the name Ion when he gained some godly powers by siphoning the entire Green Lantern energy, or smth.
He gave that energy away in order to rebuild Oa and subsequently, the new Green Lantern order. Before he did that however he gave a little bit of his power to his then girlfriend Jade.
During Infinite Crisis however Jade gave that little bit of power back to him before her untimely death and it seems that that's the boost he needed to rebecome Ion, ergo... really really really powerful.
What's happening in the first Ion issue is that Kyle is afraid he might lose control over this power and destroy the corps, which is understandable given that it has happened before
Jade died. I read Outsiders have all infinite crisis and the new GL series, didnt hear about this? Details please?
Yeah, Jade's dead, boo hoo.

Anybody else kind of creeped out by the fact that we've essentially got a Guardians upskirt shot here?
yenaled said:

I've been wating 10 years for a upskirt Guardians shot.
Kind of a let down. :( I wanted to see hairy blue sack.
This is only issue number 1 of Ion, how is it Torch Bearer part... 2??
That's scans for Issue #2, issue #1 was out two weeks ago.
I finally got around to reading this. Nothing earth-shaking, but it seems like a good set-up for the future. I can't wait for them to show off Ion's power. The deal at the end with the bounty looks promising.
LadyVader said:
Is it to much to ask that somewhere down the line... Effigy resurfaces? :)

I liked Effigy too, but he was always grossly underpowered and never ammounted to much more than a nuissanc to Kyle.

Which brings to mind...Nero. Did he die? If not, p'raps he could be recruited into the new "Sinestro Corps."

I admit theres not a lot to this post, but I'm out of practice.
Nero being with the Sinestro Corps could be really cool. I think he's dead from that first time Kyle became Ion, though to be honest that's never stopped anyone before:p.
Superboy Prime did hit that wall an awful lot. ;)

It'd be nice to see each of the Earth GLs, at least, have a Sinestro Corps counterpart. Sinestro himself is obviously Hal's, Nero would be Kyle's (although Nero's not a match for him anymore). Have John or Guy ever fought yellow ring wielders?
I think not having Nero in the Sinestro Corps would be like bringing Hal back and killing Kyle. I can almost guarentee that Nero will show up.

Well Guy did have the yellow ring and John fought Fatality a few times when she had the yellow ring - although he was in a wheelchair at the time.
I don't want anyone in the Sinestro Corps. That seems like such a stupid idea.
The Leaguer said:
I don't want anyone in the Sinestro Corps. That seems like such a stupid idea.

I don't think it's a stupid idea, but they could have thought up a better name.

I mean, what if the GLC was called the Jordan Corps??? Just doesn't work. Yellow Lantern Corps wouldn't work because of the stupid bizzaro world guy.

How about the Qwardian Lantern Corps? Or just the Quardian Corps? Anyone else have suggestions?

P.S. Was the last time Nero appeared in that fight with Kyle just before he bacame Ion for the first time, or has he been back since?
My Shop was Out of ION......iam sad.
Ion #2

Well alright. Now we're getting somewhere!

The art is better, but still a little screwy. I don't really understand what went one during Kyle's bout with that bounty hunter, but the dialogue made up for it. For a while it seemed like we had our ol' Kyle back and he did do some more creative constructs. I am interested in the story, lots of suspense. It's almost like a "who dun it" story on a galactic scale. I hope we get some more original stuff soon, the whole Green Lantern destroying a planet has been done before. It's obvious there's more to it this time. I guess it is to be expected the pacing would be a little slow, given this is a 12 issue series. Revelations will come in small portions.
Anyway, I wonder what mogo's role is in all of this. :)

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