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Iron Man IronMan build questions



It would seem that I too have succumbed to the Ironman armour making bug.
I am really torn between setting up a vacu-form station and doing it in polystyrene, or to be really stupid and do it in steel. (I am an experienced journeyman armoursmith).
For sheer weight to cooling issues I would lean towards the Poly I think and make sure I ventilate it well enough. I have worn my own full plate harnesses on many occassions and can tell you for a fact that the bloody stuff gets hot.

Anyhow, one of my main pains is the lighting (seems to be a common theme). I am trying to figure out a solution to the chest, hand and eye lighting. The chest and hand may be substantially easier than the ocularia I would think?
Perhaps getting away with a few LEDs with a back reflector/diffuser & convex clear plastic outer lens that is painted with light blue/green to give that Indiglo look to it without betraying the LEDs behind it...
But those eyes... What could be used to light them without nullifying your own vision?
I wonder if this might be the right track??

Anybody have any luck with this part of the build?

Thanks in advance.

Db are you trying to build the iron man armor if so count me in.
At this point i'm working on the chest and and legs at this point i'm using titanium metal for this one which is just a prototype and then i will build my way through. :oldrazz: :bh:
Holy crap man... you are using Ti????
I have only used it once and man , it was even more hard to get along with than Stainless! I won't even get into the planishing and grinding out of the dings :whatever:

In metal, I honestly don't think I would venture beyond mild steel because as TMP has pointed out, there are a great many nuances and sliding articulations to be employed to getting fully encased... take a look at Henry VIII's tournament armour and you will see what I mean. After all, it was used as a study piece for the first space suits.
The engineering involved is quite extensive to say the least, but I want to take a shot at it anyway.

So... what are your thoughts on the lighting aspects?
PM me if you want, but I am trying to get an idea for what works and what doesn't before I waste more money. I am actually one of those males that listen to people that have been down the trail a time or 2 . :yay:
Db are you trying to build the iron man armor if so count me in.
At this point i'm working on the chest and and legs at this point i'm using titanium metal for this one which is just a prototype and then i will build my way through. :oldrazz: :bh:

Thats a lie. You clearly have no idea how much titanium costs and the tools to work with it arent your regular sand paper and wall mart drill bits.
dude it not a lie i am usig titanium metal. The only reason it a prototype because the metal is old (got it at the junkyard) so clearly it not a lie:word:
IM23... honestly, I would prototype your pieces in a less expensive medium first. Then move to Ti once you know your patterns work together. Trust me dude. For instance, I am currently fabricating a Samurai breastplate in springsteel for a guy that is not the typical build and I am going through metal like crazy to custom fit small components and whatnot.

On another topic...On the busride to work this morning I had a startling revelation... once decked out in this costume, what to do if I need to go potty????
Now, this is a trick even with plate armour with an open bottom + maille skirting, but with a sealed in groin section...:eek:
This perhaps may be an engineering dilemma that no one has yet thought of :huh:
I again look to Henry VIII armour for ideas http://www.tudorplace.com.ar/images/HenryVIIIarmor01.jpg

Aside from that, just look at the compression articulation of the inner elbow and knee sections. This my friends is the secret of armouring the inner section of a joint.
If anyone is interested, here is a tutorial on how it is done. http://www.carmelemanuel.com/Compression.htm I have done this a few times and it is quite dreamy when you get it right.

So back on track... anyone with any ideas on lighting or the bio-relief issues? :stark
Well, as to a few hints, gents I would suggest building your suits in clay then casting it. That is what I have done, note some pictures of my suit to this point. All done in clay first then cast in fiberglass with parts cast then in Vinyl and ruber.

To the gent doing things with Titanium, your a brave man, used it once in an unrelated project, its nice as it is light, but you go through drill bits ( and Drills ! ) like crazy. I found it to hard to fabricate to make usefull on projects like this. So if that is what your doing my hat gos off to you.

Also as to going to te bathroom, simple, go before you put the suit on and then dont eat, or more importantly dont drink a lot while wearing it. I have also worn differnt sorts of armor before and when I got hot, would only have sips of water, and tried to not stay in the armor more than 3 hours, less dehydation.

I know with my Iron man armor, I have to be bolted into it, so the suit clamshells around me, same wit hthe groin armor, pluss with an undersuit, there is no way at all to get it open to pee. Even if I wanted, I have to have a helper get it on for me and get it off. I could not figure out a way to get it on/ off without help.

Anyway, some pictures or a link to what you guys are doing would be great. Hope it works out for you.
You guys should check out his stuff, hes got game on man. Knows what he is talking about, check out the pics of his duds he is working on.

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