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Swamp Thing James Wan is bringing Swamp Thing to DC's streaming service!

If it gets picked up, that means it'll get picked up by CW. Ya know, notorious neuterers CW.

This already happened to my boi Conjob. I don't think I want to see it happen to Swamp Thing
I might be mistaken, but don't Bad Robot currently have exclusive rights to develop projects featuring Swamp Thing? Considering he falls under their Justice League Dark contract. Would mean that a CW revival is impossible without them approving it.
I'd love it for this show to comeback as well, but I really don't want to see a super watered down version of this character after what we already got in the first season. It would be such wasted potential IMO.
*gets flashbacks to when Veronica Mars moved to the CW*

You know what? Maybe one season’s a good run.
I don’t think that censoring will be that much of an issue. The language was unnecessary for the story. The violence and disturbing images is a different story, but I would think that if they made it more akin to the way they handled made for tv broadcasts of Stephen King stories in the 90s, you can show some pretty disturbing content without going full on hamburger.

my biggest concern is if there is a second season, that CW would require a much lower budget, and I don’t see them pulling in actors with the credibility of William Patton or Virginia Madsen.
Yeah they won’t be able to get that kind of talent. Plus they will end up focusing more on romantic ships rather than story and character development.
My biggest query is whether Iris will be in it. :p
Surely if the CW have acquired the rights to the show, then they can potentially revive it? Granted, the tone may need to shift a little, but there's nothing to stop them placing it on a different Earth if they didn't want to mix the likes of Flash and Star Girl with it.

If CW would pick this up Swamp Thing will suddenly be working with a team of young attractive people , and he'll realize he shouldn't be killing anymore...
A lot would depend on where production would be for season 2. If it moved to Vancouver, then it would likely be folded into Berlanti's stuff. Besides, they may want to try to tap into horror again.
A lot would depend on where production would be for season 2. If it moved to Vancouver, then it would likely be folded into Berlanti's stuff. Besides, they may want to try to tap into horror again.
I feel like it would be better suited to being shot in the Atlanta area like CW shows Black Lightning, Legacies and so on.
Through 3 episodes. Quite enjoying it so far. Kind of feels like a Marvel Netflix show only with a supernatural slant. Which is a compliment. I loved the Marvel Netflix shows. Swamp Thing himself looks fanatastic.

Really hope this does well on CW and gets a revival on HBO Max. Once I'm done with this show, likely going to try and watch Doom Patrol.
Finished episode 4, but there is 1 thing I really hate about the show: low talking. When you're running an air conditioner to stay cool, several characters speak so softly i have to jack up the volume, which is fine until an action beat or loud for happens. Then death to my ears!!! TALK LOUDER!!! :cmad:
My A/C has been causing me problems with a lot of my shows lately too, SF. :funny:

I've finally caved and made "captions on" the default option for all my apps, like an old person (my mom).
Avery is the show's worst offender. Though Abby ain't far behind, lol. The soft spoken southern accents certainly don't help in this regard.
Been a year since the show ended and it being canceled still annoys the **** out of me.

Such an amazing series that deserved many many seasons.
Haven’t seen it since it debuted on DCU. Might check it out again on CW if I can remember

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