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    Hi All,

    I was thinking about the current season and have not gone back and rewatched the show. But, I do have some questions.

    The first episode showed the group arriving in the "lighthouse". They were calling it a space station and that it must have been from 80's or 90's (maybe even the 70's. May took the trawler out with Jemma and found that the Earth had been blown apart with only one section still hanging together.

    Since that first episode we learned that the "lighthouse" should be around Lake Ontario and that the section of Earth still together must surround the "Lighthouse".

    We also have learned that the gravity within the "lighthouse" is due to gravitonium. Question: Who put the gravitonium there? Was it Enoch? Was it there before Enoch started using the "lighthouse". Who originally built the "lighhouse" and realize it started out being subterranean. Why does it have windows to look out then?

    Note: Virgil would go to a specific location to talk to the people on the surface of the planet. Why go there when you were leaving the area where the transmission was coming from? Was this just to hid the fact that the trawler was being stationary for a period of time while Virgil talked to the people on the Zephyr?

    We also know that the Kree imported the "roaches" and had them infest the surface of the remaining Earth. We can speculate that it was to make sure no one could live on the remaining Earth surface. The people who have survived must live on the Zephyr and are using weapons supplied by Fitz and Hunter. Shouldn't people have known about this refuge? The people in the 'lighthouse" should have come from the Lake Ontario area.

    Lastly, did anyone else notice that General Hale shoot her subordinates just like the LMD Daisy shot Talbot? Does anyone else question if she is an LMD?

    Oops I forgot to add that Deke has an antigravity device. What powers this device? Gravitonium?
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    Most of your questions the answer is the show has not told any character thus has not told us. I don't remember it being said that the Kree brought the roaches as and invasive animal for human control or they just tagged along somebody's perhaps an Inhuman buyer's ship like rats aboard a sailing ship. When Virgil was explaining to Agent Coulson, "as if he were a foreign child" it did seem that no one planned on the roaches.

    As to General Hale I think it is possible that she is one of The Superiors LMDs, after all they were made only for killing in his eyes, or more precisely brain, in a fish bowl.
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    I believe it was implied that the lighthouse was a huge underground bunker that was retro fitted with space fairing technology by the kree. So anti gravity was probably put there by the kree. We don't know how common Gravitation is in the universe whether it's standard or not. The only reason they brought it up at all was to remind the audience of the substance.

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