Just... just wow.

:eek: :down Man what a creepy smile she has. And her family is also ****ed up, "Jews are the real Nazis." Yeah that's real smart! The Jews evil plan was to let themselves get killed. And soilders fight for the peoples rights including "Free Speech" but this ***** takes that freedom to whole new level. Not cool man , not cool at all :mad:
she should be thanking people. were on our own and all we have is each other. and no one knows that still.
what a descipable human being. she's horrible. I can't believe I'm saying this about somebody for having an opinion but I wish that the next funeral she wont to, one of the family members would just beat the #### out of her.
ampersand said:
The problem with psychos like this is that arguing with them will go nowhere because they are already so set in their beliefs. If I met her, no way could I hold back from punching her in the face.

I feel the same way, and it makes me feel bad about myself for feeling that way. That just makes me even angrier, and want to hit her even more than I already did.

If a church ever needed to be burned to the ground, it's the one she goes to, and thinking that just makes me feel even worse.

I have to stop thinking about this. I have a gay family member who is thinking about going in the service, and I swear if she died, and those freaks showed up there, it would be the last time they ever did that to anybody.
Halcohol said:
I don't think there are enough words to properly describe how blatantly obscene this church's point of view is... sorry, but if God exists I'm sure He'd want this family to enjoy all of the beauty He created. I can understand interpreting scripture a certain way and thinking you are doing God's work by spreading your interpretation around, but don't these people realize they are doing more harm than good? What can possibly be helpful about desecrating the memorial of a loved one?

I'm not going to say that they were protesting against an "innocent" soldier, because there IS a small chance he was one of the soldiers who tortured and executed civilians over in Iraq, or committed other sins during his lifetime. But assuming for the moment that he was a young, fresh-faced farmboy who signed up for the Army instead of shovelling mud for a living, who are these people to say his death was the wrath of God? If they are saying that soldiers are being killed because God is punishing innocents for the crimes of a few, what purpose is there to spreading this message at a military funeral? If anything's going to damn us all, it will be the hate-inspired messages of religious fundamentalists, be they Islamic extremists or Baptist church-goers from the Midwest.

I hope I'm not coming off as religious, because in actuality I don't have a defined faith, like most of you, I would assume. I don't believe you need to go to church or read scripture or pray every night to live a "sin"-free life. We all know the essence of living well and pure, right? Be honest, spread good-will, help those in need, etc. etc. Nobody's perfect. Big deal. I'm not going to go to Hell just because I have premarital sex, or that I take the Lord's name in vain. Why? Because I'm not a bad person. GOD HATES YOU. Yeah. Why don't you keep telling me what God thinks, since you two seem to be so close, you crazy b_tch.

Like I said before, I'm sure God would rather you be enjoying the life He gave you instead of sitting on your knees begging Him for more. These are people who live their lives based on a series of words that have been around for 2 thousand years. Don't you think, maybe, since the world's changed a wee bit, that the IMPORTANT messages might've been lost? So 2000 years ago, sodomy was a sin. When you ask someone why, they'll say "cause it's in the Bible!" Well, why was it in the Bible? "Because God said so!" Right. The closest thing we have as a society to the word of God is the 10 Commandments, and I don't even place a lot of faith in the whole "Moses went up on a hill and talked to God and was told to write down 10 pretty obvious sins". Give me a break. "Thou shalt not kill." No sh_t, sherlock. It's a good thing you got a voice from on-high to tell you that one.

I do think it's interesting that she didn't answer the final question posed to her: what ARE her sins, do you think? Besides hubris, inflicting pain on others, and quite probably spreading a wrong interpretation of God's message. "GOD HATES ****"... so why would He give them life? Oh, right, I forgot. Homosexuality's a choice. Stupid me.

Anyways, that's my 2 cents about religion... please, let me know your thoughts.

But yeah: wow... just... just wow.
Did anyone actually see this on Fox News when it aired?
ZER0C00L said:
she should be thanking people. were on our own and all we have is each other. and no one knows that still.

agreed. scary though given what an awful species we are.
jeez, that lady is crazy. Someone needs to get her some help.
She's actually a real life attorney in addition to being a raving lunatic. I'm sorry to say she also has children that she has duped into believing all the crazy talk she spews out. It'll be a real shame if they grow to be like her.
Dope Nose, have you subsequently learned that it's "Wow, just...wow."?
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Wilhelm-Scream said:
Dope Nose, have you subsequently learned that it's "Wow, just...wow."?

the way I've worded it works too, doesn't it? :confused:

look, the point is that she's crazy. her and her father.

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