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Apr 7, 2004
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What did you think of Lone Gunmen?

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I liked the episode although I hated the fact that Deadshot missed his shot more than once.

But if Deadshot's dead im done with the show.
I think my only major problem is that they didnt really give Deadshot a lot to do except shoot people. Have a major villian show up, practically name the episode after him but then dont do a lot with him. Same thing happened to China White. They could develop the villians a little more.
I really like the episode. I think both China White and Deadshot will come back again in the show, they just introducing the characters.

I also liked the fact that Dinah had the little hand-to-hand fight. In the first two episodes she seemed kinda weak (phisicaly speaking), but seemed more interesting now. Looking foward to the next episode...
It was okay but this version of Deadshot was very generic. Still, better than the silly Smallville version.
Is Deadshot dead then? I keep confusing him with Deathstroke. I thought maybe the fact that Ollie shot him in the right eye might mean he might end up like the Smallville version (of Deathstroke). But obviously not, since they're different characters.
It was very ambiguous. It's fairly likely he will be back. I hope at least they will develop him better in the future. I'm liking Arrow, but I'm beginning to feel the episodes are a bit fast paced at times and that the villains are getting the shaft as far as character development is concerned.
Awesome episode, up there with the pilot. Wish Deadshot had been in it more but I think they'll bring him back. One thing that stood out for me in this episode was the score it was really awesome. I really do think Detective Lance s gonna become Arrow's Jim Gordon and eventually start to trust Green Arrow, unless that's what they want us to think ;)

This show has really hooked me in, I cannot wait to watch it each and every week.
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LOVED this episode too....especially liked the scene where Oliver retrieved the bullet
I loved this episode but Deadshot had better not be dead!! :cmad:
Loved it, probably the best episode so far for me, loved Deadshot and the cat and mouse game between him and Ollie, especially loved the ending as well, awesome stuff.
It was kind of silly for him to give to claim the computer of an assasin as his own to a complete stranger, and ask them to get whatever they could off of it. Lucky he didn't end up arrested, and tied to a bunch of murders.

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