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Maggie Q is Silver Fox??


Aug 16, 2005
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According to IESB...

FYI - Maggie Q co-stars with Hugh and Ewan McGregor in THE LIST which comes out on April 25 - it's about a sex club!


IESB Exclusive: Wolverine Finds His Silver Fox!

Looks like Hugh Jackman is going to have a spicy little Asian number on his hands come Wolverine in 2009!

The IESB always has our ear to ground in regards to casting scoops and today we got a good one for you!

First things first, Silver Fox, Wolverine’s love interest, is going to be in the new prequel. This is for sure. With the recent rewrites and the addition of Gavin Hood as director, there wasn’t any confirmation over what characters were going to be in the film. But we’ve been reassured that she’s is in the film.

On with the news, today we got a great tip on who is going to bring the Fox to life. One of the most kick-ass girls around, Maggie Q, is the top front runner for the role! We have been told that she is the top choice or may have already been cast to play the Silver Fox.

We have not been able to get confirmation from the studio or her reps over at CAA during this holiday week.
She's hot... but slowly becoming the annoying cast type... does sort of suit the Silver Fox personality I guess.

I'd love this. :up:
Well this is a better career choice than Balls of Fury.
Fox really likes recycling their actors huh.

Since Hugh s also a producer, it looks like he's calling on some of his actor friends that he's worked with before. He worked with Liev Schreiber (rumored for Stryker) in Kate & Leopold, and he worked with Maggie Q in The List which comes out on April 25. That movie is about a sex club, so I bet his character and Maggie's character get down and dirty in that one at least once LOL.
Silver Fox is suppossed to be Native American, but from that picture, Maggie Q does seem to exude the naturalistic beauty I think is required for the role.
My dad will be happy...he's had a crush on her since we saw Live Free or Die Hard. :oldrazz:
Good news if this pans out.She's sexy, tough and she looks native american just like Silver Fox plus she's no stranger to action.:yay: :up:
besides, native americans came from asia anyway. So it don't really matter.
Cool piece of casting. :up:


I am guessing there will be a costume change.
IMO she could pass for Native American. Many times in movies they use actors of a different ethnicity to protray another ethnicity. Plus that's why they have makeup and such.
Meh...Not a big fan of her :ninja:

If I was a Native American actress I'd be more than a little peeved at this news.

Not only did they not cast a Native American actress, they cast somebody that is very very mediocre. Much better options were available but they went with Maggie and she makes Kelly Hu look like Meryl Streep. :o
I think she is a decent actress and carries a real presence with her in physical roles, she's a good choice IMO and one that has some profile and experience in this type of role.
An unconfirmed rumor from the imdb.com forums regarding the Silver Fox casting. Poster there claims (!!!) that Laila Rouass is also up for the part. Though Alice Braga was apparently the first choice.

Rumour about casting

by amandaprice55 9 hours ago (Fri Nov 23 2007 05:32:05)

Rumour has it that Karl Urban is playing Gambit. He is apparently in talks.

Laila Rouass is playing Silverfox although their first choice was Alice Bragga

Leiv Schreiber is playing Stryker

Sounds bloody good to me. What do you people think?
Re: Rumour about casting

by amandaprice55 4 hours ago (Fri Nov 23 2007 10:32:58)

Apparently, wolverine will have a brother but this will only be in flashbacks to their childhood. I was wrong about Karl Urban playing Gambit, he is in talks to play Victor Creed but they are trying to work around his Star Trek schedule. Laila Rouass has already met Hugh Jackman etc and they are now in talks. Leiv is def playing Stryker.
Source Link:http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0458525/board/thread/90542839

Laila Rouass....


Alice Braga...


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