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Stepping from the shadows
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Bronwen Gora
April 19, 2009 12:00am

LYNN Collins can't wait to get her hands on Hugh Jackman again. It's not because she was able to get hot and heavy with the hunky actor in her role as his lover in the upcoming blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but she simply has to pay him back.

"Hugh told me that the producers had seen some footage and decided I needed to show more skin and that my outfit needed to be skimpier," Collins recalls.

"So I went to the trailer and there was this tiny, tiny, tiny little dress of silver Spandex, so I thought 'Whatever, they know best', put it on and walked outside. They all just laughed hysterically and said 'April fool!'
"I've still got to get him back for that one."

The 30-year-old Collins is set to lose her status as a relative unknown when she hits the big screen as Kayla Silverfox, the romantic interest of Hugh Jackman's character Logan/Wolverine.

She has starred in a string of Shakespearean theatre productions and smaller films, with her biggest so far being a much-praised performance as Portia in The Merchant Of Venice (opening here in June) opposite such greats as Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons and Joseph Fiennes.

Her casting as Silverfox was totally unexpected. After she auditioned, Collins virtually gave up hope as she was told that producers had decided to go with only big-name stars.

After all, more than 70 per cent of American moviegoers have seen at least one of the X-Men movies, all of which have been hits.

"Then I got a phone call saying I had the part, and was I ready? Within 72 hours I was standing in my underwear on a mountain top in New Zealand opposite Hugh Jackman," Collins says.

Whereas previous X-Men films were set in the future, Origins, as the name suggests, is set in the past.

The film opens with Silverfox and Logan living what is to be a short-lived quiet life in the remote Canadian Rockies in the 1970s.

This time there are love scenes, too. When asked what it was like to kiss Hugh Jackman, Collins laughs before replying: "He's a gentleman in every way. He was sensitive and a proper leading man."

Collins cannot say enough good words about her co-star, who also produced the film.

"I call him a triple threat because he can dance and sing and act.

"He's one of the finest movie stars I've ever met. He's old school and a beautiful man, a great leader and actor. I had such a wonderful time learning from him, from seeing the way he handles himself on set to how he handles fans.

"He works so hard and knows how to play Wolverine so well. He could hop in and out of character, and he's such a funny man, too. I think everyone in the industry should want to work with him at some stage."

The young actor, who last year married fellow actor Steven Strait (seen most recently in 10,000 B.C. and Stop-Loss) was also able to witness the strength of Jackman's bond with his wife, Deborra-lee Furness.

"She's an amazing person and is so full of joy and energy," Collins says. "It was amazing to be around their energy and see how in love they were. They're a great couple.

"In this industry, there are not a lot of good role models to look up to for relationships. It's so hard, because there are so many challenges you wouldn't normally face in a normal nine-to-five job."

Collins, who entered New York's prestigious Juilliard School to study acting at 17, said the most challenging part of her role as Silverfox was having to stand in the ocean for hours on end while X-Men scenes were being filmed on the northern beaches of Sydney.

"I was terrified," she admits. "I know there are sharks in Australia, and you could hang me from a wire or put me in a car that's going way too fast, but putting me in the water is the worst thing you could do to me."
X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens in cinemas on April 29.
It's good to something about her, at last. Her acting credentials are pretty impressive.
She did a fantastic job. I felt more for her and Wolverine than I did Scott and Jean or even Wolverine and Jean (though their last scene in X3 was the emotional high of the franchise).
She gets nekkid in True Blood. If some of you perverts are interested. :o ;)
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Not sure if this has been posted, or even mentioned but Lynn appears on an issue of GQ, atleast according to the website. (she's not on the most recent issue with Zac Efron on the cover though...or i might have been too busy checking out the guys :p )

Here's a screencap from the site:

This is actually a great Hugh interview but he gives props to Lynn in it since he thought she was being ignored.

Hugh Jackman has a lot riding on ‘Wolverine’
‘It feels more personal and that’s the difference,’ says the star of ‘Origins’
By Miki Turner contributor
updated 10:37 p.m. ET, Sun., April 26, 2009

LOS ANGELES - Despite what you might read in the tabloids there are nice people in Hollywood. And then, there’s Hugh Jackman.

He’s so nice that he actually makes everyone else around him look as though they need anger management classes. For example, during a weekend press conference to discuss his new film, “X-Man Origins: Wolverine,” when reporters virtually ignored Lynn Collins who plays Wolverine’s love interest Kayla Silverfox, the Australian native made it a point to acknowledge her performance.

“Lynn plays a character here and fills a role that was so vital to this movie,” he said. “Anyone who knows acting and knows film structure, you’ll know that what Lynn had to pull off in the film was probably one of the most difficult things to do. She did an amazing job and I was really, really proud of what she did.”

He’s so down to earth that he was actually strolling around the Fox lot by himself greeting the press about an hour before he was scheduled.

And on top of all that, Jackman has a heart as big as his native land and an ego the size of a pin. That was especially evident as he continually gave props to his co-stars and Oscar-winning director Gavin Hood or when he talked about the body apparently built by free weights and God.

“This is a little embarrassing but I’m a little more of a wuss in real life — obviously (more) than my character,” Jackman said earnestly. “There’s a moment in your training when you just want to give up. But I used to imagine that I was really Wolverine and somehow my trainer got two or three more reps out of me.”

Seated in a black tent with flatscreen monitors behind him, Jackman, dressed casually in a form-fitting Navy blue polo shirt and matching trousers, was at his most attractive when he was poking fun at himself.

Last year’s Sexiest Man Alive has been riding high for the past 12 months. Late last year he starred opposite fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman in the epic drama “Australia.” In February he received rave reviews after hosting the Academy Awards.

And now he’s back as Wolverine — the mutant with the steel claws and gnarly sideburns in the latest installment of the X-Men franchise that hits theaters on Friday. “Wolverine” explores the evolution of a man who appears to be constantly at war with himself, his brother Victor/Sabertooth (Live Schreiber), his leader William Stryker (Danny Huston) and his Team X comrades, all of whom aren’t willing to let Wolverine/Logan distance himself from his past.

‘Everything was new and fresh’

Slipping back into a familiar role can be redundant for some actors, but this was actually the first time Jackman, who is also a producer on the film, was the featured mutant.

“Everything was new and fresh,” said Jackman, dressed casually in a navy blue polo shirt with matching trousers. “It was important to me and Gav to move ahead in a fresh direction. Let’s face it I was going through 100 years of this guy’s life. In a way it was sort of acting the long way around. I have to say I loved it and that it was really, really challenging and I had a great time with these guys and all the others involved. It felt brand new.”

And it is. This time Jackman is working with a fresh crew of mutants including: Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), John Wraith ( and Gambit (Taylor Kitsch). For Black Eyed Peas frontman, working with Jackman on his first feature film was especially gratifying.

“He’s the real deal,” said “It was really cool for me — being that this was my first big thing. I could look across the set and see Hugh and he’s like, whatever you need, let me know. He’s gets down like that. This movie is all about his character but Hugh will tell you in a minute that it’s not all about him.”

Being the man, however, did make Jackman a little nervous. “I found myself asking people if they like the movie and just hoping that they did,” he said. “It feels more personal and that’s the difference.”

Despite the fact that an unfinished version of the film was leaked on the Internet weeks ago, it appears that, like Wolverine, nothing can keep Jackman down for long. If the married father of two can continually laugh off the rumors about his sexuality, he can certainly deal with whatever fallout might arise from the “Wolverine” bootleg. At the end of the day he’s just a guy who’s happy to be doing what he does.

Sing. Dance. Act. Laugh. And obsess about the return of Halle Berry to the X-Men franchise. “It took me a little while to get used to Halle Berry not being on set most days — sorry, I jest,” he said with a grin.

And although he might be the reigning People magazine sex god, Jackman feels that he just might be the luckiest man alive, too.

“I have to say being up here with all these guys I feel incredibly lucky,” he said. “To be honest when I was 28 I was at the National Theatre in London doing a production of ‘Oklahoma’ and I was about as far as I had ever dreamed I could go being an actor. Everything since then has been so surreal and there’s really never a day that goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars.

“The sexy thing, I’ve known that a long time. It’s more of a relief than anything.”
Lynn Collins delivers a solid performance as Silver Fox. She seems very natural and does well with what she has. I remember there was a lot of controversy when she was first cast, but I think she pulls it off regardless.
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Out of my many complaints, Kayla had none of them that I can think of right now. A good, solid performance. I felt more in the first bit of the movie with her than I ever did for Jean and Logan.
Jeez. She's a terrible actress. Sorry, just had to say it.
She was actually pretty good. There definitely was chemistry between her and Hugh.

That said in some scenes she's hot, in others all i can see is her knob of a nose...sorry i know that sounds mean but my sister noticed this too. :p
She really gave a spot on proformance as Silverfox. I was shocked! I really didn't expect it. There where times when she carried Hugh through a couple scenes. :up:

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