McFarlane Halo 3 figures


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Aug 29, 2005
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Anyone see these figures? They're freaking tiny. My local EB and GameStop have them...but I decided against them. Seriously, I normally don't have a problem with small figures (used to collect Star Wars) but wow, I was expecting these guys to be a bit bigger then they are.
I had MC and Cortana in my hands today at Gamestop...and it's not the size of the figures that bother me...but while i was in line i looked down and it hit me that i had Halo figs in my hands....and i remembered how burnt out i really am on Halo.
They do look small. Cortana is probably the coolest one. Too bad these couldn't have come out with the game, since everyone seems to be sick of Halo now (thanks, CoD4).
I bought master chief. Theyre the EXACT same size as the spider-man 3 figures, the five inch ones. They dont fit in at all, and they cost ten bucks................
Yeah, I have a MC from Halo 2 that's a pretty big figure. I was expecting them to be that size.

I was shocked to see them so stinking small.
I like the new figures. Master Chief and the other Spartans are great!
They look fantastic, but they are too small and SEVERELY lacking in accessories for me to even think about buying them. They are 20 dollars at Toy's R us! 20 ****ING DOLLARS!
Thats actually pretty detailed, 12 bucks isnt bad.
They are better than pretty much anything McFarlane has put out recently, and the new pictures of the fantasy line hitting their site that features some figures with TONS of articulation shows that when they want to, McFarlane can still bring the best. It's about time.

I just don't like Halo, so spending 12+ bucks on a single figure seems excessive, although I may break and buy one just to see how they've done after being out of the game for so long.
They're $9.99 at the Toys R Us that I work at. I got MC, Cortana, and a Red Spartan...still looking for a standard Blue Spartan to put with the Red by my Red vs Blue dvds.
The new pictures of the Series 3 figures are now up at
I'm not getting caught up in the whole HALO figure frenzy. I can just imagine all repaints their going to do like Star Wars Clone figures. Repaint them and give them a different weapon and try to have collectors buy them all.
I MAY get a MC, maybe Cortana as well...but that'll probably be it.

...Ok, The Arbiter as well.

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