Microsoft Studios plans to open or acquire new studios

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by Big Bang, Dec 10, 2017.

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    So last month Phil Spencer was talking about opening new studios or acquiring existing ones.

    Which got me thinking into who (if any) they would acquire. The one that stands out more than any other (in my mind at least) is The Roblox Corporation, the studio behind the game Roblox which is very popular with kids these days. Much like Minecraft this one has been a slow burner, steadily gaining in complexity and popularity. They've been working quite closely with Microsoft as of late. Getting their apps up working on Xbox One and cross play with PC players. Lots of synergies are forming between them. With also a lot of similarities with how Minecraft slowly evolved.

    Probably the biggest point that will lead to them being acquired is their potential in the educational sector. Since Roblox always players to also create and provides tools and tips on creating your own games on their platform this leads right into a market Microsoft has been growing with Minecraft Education Edition. Seems like something that will happy sooner or later.

    Who do you see them possibly pursuing?
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    Didn't hear much more about those PUBG, EA and Valve rumours. Microsoft definitely need to start picking up the pace on this front ahead of the next gen.

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