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Mother sues FedEx after receiving seven pounds of marijuana in package

if UPS and FedEx aren't under cuts as it is, this could be one of the final nails in the coffin
Why did she sign for a package that clearly wasn't hers? She could have refused it. But..Fedex shouldn't have given her address so naughty naughty.
She thought it was for her daughter cuz it was her birthday.

Yeah, probably wouldn't have sued if it wasn't for Fed Ex giving her address to the people it was supposed to go to. I mean wtf, she and her family coulda been killed.
It wasn't addressed to her house so she was a nar nar for accepting it and then opening it. Also, you don't go on the news telling of how you got someone else's drugs because now a lot more people know.

But..I would have sued too. That was stupid of Fedex to give away her address.
And she went on TV. Now they all know what she looks like...
But..I would have sued too. That was stupid of Fedex to give away her address.

Fedex probably didn't give away her address ( they just get the box back and resend it to the right destination I guess), the sender used her address on purpose, an accomplice was watching the house waiting for the Fedex delivery guy and would have get the box from him. Problem is that the watcher was 1 hour late ( the lady said that one guy showed at the door 1 hour after the delivery ).
It is my theory, you don't give your address for a drug delivery.
This woman signed for it cause she thought there might be something valuable in the package. Well, there was. Just not what she was expecting.

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