Movie scenes that give you goosebumps?


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May 2, 2009
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There are surely scenes in movies that are so amazing, that give you goosebumps, share them now...
Star Trek 09 opening.

Rachel Dawes death.

Superman turns back time.

Warrior Ending.

William Wallace's wife's death.
- The ending of The Negotiator
- Curb stomp scene in American History X
- The ending of Se7en
- The map room scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark
Han Solo being frozen in The Empire Strikes Back
Bane breaking the Bat. I longed to see that in a film and it's such a powerful scene in TDKR.

Warrior Ending.

So much this. Something special in my eyes when I see something in relation to there being brothers(one brother saying he loves the other while trying to make him tap). That's why even with its problems, I will always be a fan of Supernatural.
To name a few:

Excalibur : when Urien knights Arthur during the battle at Leo de Grant castle.

The Prestige : at the end of the movie when Jackman character is shot by Bale and he explain to him what is the true meaning of magic.

Avatar : when Neytiri is holding human Jack in her arms.

2010 : when Dr Shandra is on the Discovery and tell HAL the truth about why they have to leave so suddenly.

Star Wars OT : all of Darth Vader scene.
POTC: DMC: Introduction to Davey Jones's crew, and Barbossa's return.

POTC: AWE: Shipwreck Cove, Hoist the Colours, Davey Jones stabbing Will.

BB: Ice swordfight.

TDK: Rachel's death, Joker killing Brian, Two-Face-Gordon-Batman at the end.

TDKR: Hijacking, Batman's return, the bats swarming Bruce as he escapes the Pit, the first Batman/Bane fight, Bane's speech at Black Gate, last 10 minutes or so.

Hellboy II: Prince Nuada assassinating the elven king, the Troll Market, the Angel of Death.
TDKR: Bruce's escape from the pit; Batman's return; ending
Watchmen: Osterman's death and rebirth.
ROTK: Gandalf banishing the Ringwraiths attacking the remnant of the Minas Tirith Guard.
For me

Avengers 360 shot during the battle in NYC

Dark Knight ending/ speech

Spider Man 1/2 ending swing sequence (Rami version)

The Matrix when Neo comes back and defeats Smith

Star Trek 09 opening, Spock cameo, and ending

Paranormal Actvity 3's last 15 mins.

And others that I am forgetting....
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Silent Hill: When the burned child killed everyone with the barbed wire.
The ending of Halloween, so well done.

A lot of scenes during The Avengers, still can't believe they did it.

The duel between Voldemort and Harry in Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part II. Actually, the trailers for the movies got to me too.
-Probably every scene in Man of Steel.
-Charge of the Rohirrim in ROTK
-"For Frodo" in ROTK
-Bane breaks the Bat in TDKR
-Avengers circle shot
So many of you said the Avengers circle shot... I.Am.Amazed.

Some scenes for me:

Charge of the Rohirrim in Return of the King
Lord Becket's death in At World's End
Snape's memories in Deathly Hallows: Part 2
The private show of Peter Pan for Silvia in Finding Neverland
The big reveal scene at the end of Atonement
The Joker sticking his head out of the police car in The Dark Knight
Richard Parker's stare at Pi in Life of Pi
Almost every scene in Titanic

More to come later...
The Crow: when Eric punches the mirror and The Cure - Burn kicks in
Rocky Balboa: When Rocky gets put down on one knee and the whole "it aint about how hard you hit..." montage
Hulk Catching Iron Man in The Avengers
Terminator 2: The Thumb bit
Toy Story 3: Holding hands in the lava pit
TDKR: Bruce rising from the pit
Kick Ass: Hit Girl first person mode
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-Snape's memories in HP7
-Harry Vs Voldemort in HP7
-Batman throwing The Joker off the Prewitt building in TDK
-Joker escaping the MCU in TDK
-Batman Vs Ras on the train in BB
-Batman training montage in BB
-End montage/Gordon speech in TDK
-Neo defeating Smith in The Matrix
-Frodo dropping the ring in Mount Doom in LOTR:ROTK
-Collateral club scene
-Iron Man carrying the Missile in The Avengers
-Iron Man jumping from the plane in Iron Man 2
-Hero's Duty sequence in Wreck-It Ralph
-Woody saying bye to Andy in Toy Story 3
-Peter talking to Sandman at the end of Spider-Man 3
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-Bruce training in Begins
-The end of Batman Begins
-TDK prologue
-Joker crashes the mob meeting in TDK
-The interrogation scene in TDK
-The silence after Rachel's death and Harvey's scarring in TDK
-the Prewitt building scene in TDK
-The end of TDK with Two Face
-Batman's return in TDKR
-Bruce rising from The Pit in TDKR
-The climax and epilogue of TDKR
-The stargate in 2001
-The Star child overlooking the earth in 2001
Add to my list:

Prince's Tale in Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part II

Final speech in 300

The Darth Vader/Luke/Emporer scenes in ROTJ

Ending of Batman '89

"Yo Adrian, I did it!" in Rocky II, how did I forget this one?
Charge of the Rohirrim in The Return of the King

Theoden's death in Return of the King

Gandalf's monologue about the far green country in Return of the King

Bruce escaping the pit in The Dark Knight Rises

Luke and Vader's final lightsaber duel in Return of the Jedi

Snape finding Lily's body in Deathly Hallows II

The dead mother holding her dead baby floating in the water in Titanic

Andy Dufresne's escape in The Shawshank Redemption

The ending battle in Glory

Neytiri holding human Jake in Avatar

Magda Goebbels poisoning her own children in Downfall

Hannibal's escape in The Silence of the Lambs
First one that comes to mind.

Return of the King - "My friends. You bow to no one."

Pretty much any big musical number and dramatic moment in The Prince of Egypt:

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